Affiliated Institutions

SKKU Convergence Institute for Culture, Arts, and Media (SCI-CAM)

Based on the growing awareness of the importance and role of the convergence of art soft power and transmedia technologies during the Fourth Industrial Revolution, SKKU Convergence Institute for Cultural and Arts Convergence (SCI-CAM) was established with the goal of utilizing humanistic imagination, artistic sensibility, social and communication skills and creative transmedia skills.


Research Plans

1. Technology-Based Cultural and Artistic Convergence
[ Content Development Through Convergence of Technology and Culture Art ]

  • Development of single-person media, games, animations, webtoons, web dramas, characters, video content, and related technologies
  • Application of technologies such as AI and AR/VR in cultural and artistic content
  • A Study on the Convergence of Culture and Arts Content

2. ‘Hallyu' and International Cultural Exchange
[Development of a Continuing Growth Model for International Cultural Exchange Including the Korean Wave]

  • A Study on the Development of the "Hallyu" Project Using Performance Contents
  • A Comparative Study on Cultural Code Differences by Country
  • A Comparative Study on the Differences between Countries in the Korean Wave Acceptance Process
  • A Study on the Adoption of Cultural and Art Content in Korea
  • A Study on the Causes and Countermeasures of Anti-Korean Wave

3. Expansion of Humanities and Technology
[Humanistic Insight into Technology Development and Cultural and Artistic Convergence and Scholarly Consideration of the Orientation of the Times ]

  • Study on the Humanities Related to Creative Planning and Storytelling Value Creation
  • A Study on the Utilization of Humanistic Sources and Strategies for Industrialization of Image Cultural Content
  • A Study on the Industrialization Strategy Using Korean Culture
  • Humanistic Consideration of Cultural and Artistic Convergence and the Expansion of Technology and the Study of Technology Philosophy

4. Social Impact Study
[Developing Creative Social Problem Solutions Using Cultural and Artistic Technology Convergence and Seeking Social Scalability of University Education Through Them]

  • Exploring Solutions to Global Social Problems Through the Use of Cultural, Artistic and Technological Convergence
  • Developing Cultural Contents That Can Induce Changes in Attitudes and Behaviors to Expand Public Interest and Social Capital
  • Looking for Ways to Contribute to Social Innovation Through Cultural Convergence Contents and Technology Expansion
  • Development of Education Programs Using Performance Contents and Expansion of Community Links
  • Content Manager