Government Supported Research

Social Science Korea(SSK) Center

  • The Typology of Governance and Optimal Models for the Future of Korea / Center for Governance Studies (2016~2020), Principal Investigator: Dongsung Kong (Graduate School of Governance)
  • Coevolution and Diffusion of Coexistence and Collaboration Models The East Asia Collaboration Center (EACC) (2016~2020), Principal Investigator: Sook Jong Lee (Graduate School of Governance) 홈페이지

Institute for Basic Science(IBS)

  • Center for Integrated Nanostructure Physics (2012~), Principal Investigator: Young Hee Lee (Department of Physics), Research Subject: Nanomaterials, Field: Physics 홈페이지
  • Center for Neuroscience Imaging Research (2013~), Principal Investigator: Seong-Gi Kim (Department of Biomedical Engineering), Research Subject: Systems Neuroscience, Field: Interdisciplinary 홈페이지

Leading Research Center (SRC 2, ERC 2, MRC 2)

Science research Center(SRC)

  • Applied Algebra and Optimization Research Center (2016~2022), Principal Investigator: Gi-Sang Cheon (Department of Mathematics), Field: Mathematics 홈페이지
  • Center for Immune Research on Non-lymphoid Organs (CIRNO) (2017~2024), Principal Investigator: Yong-Soo Bae (Department of Biological Science), Field: Biological Science 홈페이지 홈페이지

Engineering research Center(ERC)

  • Theranostic Macromolecules Research Center (2010~2020), Principal Investigator: Doo Sung LEE (School of Chemical Engineering), Field: Chemical Engineering 홈페이지 홈페이지
  • Energy Harvesting Communications Research Center (2014~2021), Principal Investigator: Dong In Kim (School of Information and Communication Engineering), Field: ICT Convergence 홈페이지

Medical Research Center(MRC)

  • Research Center for Epigenome Regulation (RCER) (2010~2019), Principal Investigator: Jeung-Whan Han (School of Pharmacy), Field: Pharmacy 홈페이지
  • Single Cell Network Research Center (SCNRC) (2016~2023), Principal Investigator: Kyeung Min Joo (School of Medicine, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology), Fields: Medical Research 홈페이지

Key Research Institute

  • The Vision of East Asian Humanities and the Historical Recognition (2010~2019), Principal Investigator: LIM, KYONGSOK (Department of History)
  • Reduction of Private Tutoring and Demand for Education in Korea/Private Tutoring Innovation Education and Research Center (2015~2018), Principal Investigator: Jae-Bong Yoo (Department of Education)
  • Convergence Research Center (Fundamental Software Convergence Research for Advanced Interaction) (2010~2019), Principal Investigator: Hyunseung Choo (College of Software)
  • Multiscale Study of Biomolecule Control and Function Research Institute of Biomolecule Control (2017~2026), Principal Investigator: Jae Youl Cho (Department of Integrative Biotechnology) 홈페이지

Basic Research Laboratory (BRL)/ Global Research Laboratory(GRL)

Basic Research Laboratory (BRL)

  • Low Dimensional Inorganic Electronic Materials and Fabrication Process for Ultrathin System-On-Skin Devices / EENL (Energy & Environment Nanomaterial Laboratory) (2015~2019), Principal Investigator: Hyun Suk Jung (School of Advanced Materials Science & Engineering) 홈페이지
  • Laboratory for Chiral Organic Molecular Materials (2016~2019), Principal Investigator: SONG, CHOONGEUI (Department of Chemistry) 홈페이지
  • Late-Stage Drug Optimization Laboratory (2016~2019), Principal Investigator: In Su Kim (School of Pharmacy) 홈페이지
  • Development of Future Information Processing Devices Nanoscale Devices and Technology Lab (2017~2020), Principal Investigator: Sungjoo Lee (SKKU Advanced Institute of Nanotechnology/Department of Nanoscience and Engineering) 홈페이지
  • A Study on Cluster-based Ion Storage Behavior (2017~2020), Principal Investigator: Won-Sub Yoon (Department of Energy Science)

Global Research Laboratory(GRL)

  • Atomic Scale Control of Two-dimensional Materials and Multi-dimensional Interfaces (2016~2022), Principal Investigator: Won Jong Yoo (SKKU Advanced Institute of Nanotechnology/Department of Nanoscience and Engineering)

Future Materials Discovery Research Center

  • Discovery of New Functional Electride through the Dimensional Control of Interstitial Electron Arrays (2015~2021), Principal Investigator: KIM, SUNG WONG (Department of Energy Science)
  • Ionic Crystals with Molecular Motion for Ultralow Voltage Operation Memristors (2016~2022), Principal Investigator: PARK, NAM-GYU (Department of Chemical and Polymer Science and Engineering)
  • Hyper-ion Transferable Channel Based Flexible Solid Electrolyte (2018~2024), Principal Investigator: DUK JOON KIM (Department of Chemical and Polymer Science and Engineering)

Global Research Development Center

  • Korea-Japan Cooperation Center for Cosmic Ray Research (CCRR) [CO-OP] Institute for Cosmic Ray Research (Tokyo Univ.) (2017~2022), Principal Investigator: II H. Park (Dept. of Physics) 홈페이지

Information Technoloy Research Center(ITRC/ Grand ICT)

  • Intelligent ICT Convergence Research Center (Grand-ICT Research Center Business) (2015~2022), Principal Investigator: Hyunseung Choo (College of Software) 홈페이지
  • AI-Digital Health Care Research Center (2018~2023), Principal Investigator: YOO, JAE-CHERN (School of Information and Communication Engineering)

Self-healing Green Concrete Center

  • Self-healing Green Concrete Research Center (2015~2020), Principal Investigator: Lee, Kwang-myong (Graduate School of Water Resources) 홈페이지

Chemical & Biological Detection Research Center

  • Chemical & Biological Detection Research Center (2011~2019): Principal Investigator: Jin-Hyo Boo (Dept. of Chemistry) 홈페이지

Gyeonggi-do Regional Research Center

  • Center for Eco-energy Technology in Automobile Parts and Materials (2008~2018), Principal Investigator: NAM, JAEDO (Department of Chemical and Polymer Science and Engineering)
  • Material & Process Platform for Convergence Sensors (2017~2023), Principal Investigator: SUH, SUJEONG (School of Advanced Materials Science & Engineering)

Institute for Antimicrobial Resistance Research and Therapeutics

  • Institute for Antimicrobial Resistance Research and Therapeutics (IAMRT) (2017∼2023), Principal Investigator: Kyeong Kyu Kim (School of Medicine Department of Molecular Cell Biology) 홈페이지
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