International Reputation and Achievements

University Rankings & Recognition

SKKU is moving toward the world's top 20 universities.
THE World University Rankings: 89th (2020) -Korea's No. 1 Private University

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Korea’s Top Research Institutes &
Global R&D Centers

2 future Nobel prize Institutes (IBS: Institute for Basic Science) procured Physics Nano structual physics Nano structual physics research groupProf. Lee, Young He
Biological Science Brain science imaging research group Prof. Kim Sung Gi

Global Dual Degree

To offer various opportunities to our students and to establish a global curriculum, SKKU has expanded its dual degree program with many prestigious universities all around the world.
Currently, SKKU runs many dual degree programs with partners including universities below
SKK Business School
Department of Global Economics
College of Science
Law School
Graduate School of Gocernance
Graduate School of Translation and TESOL
Graduate School of china
Department of Karean Language and Literature
School of Pharmacy
Energy Science
College of Engineering
Graduate School of Information and Communication
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