Research Ethics Committee

The research ethics committee of Sungkyunkwan University was established to create an autonomous and rational research environment and culture. The role of the research ethics committee is to prevent or verify and judge dishonest acts in research. The research ethics committee also mediates / coordinates conflict disputes in the implementation process.


  • Establish research ethics regulations and guidelines
  • Regular education (to carry out proper and responsible research activities and conduct to raise awareness of research ethics)
  • Verification and judgment of dishonest acts in research
  • Arbitration or mediation of conflicts or disputes in the course of research
  • Cooperate with related departments such as Ministry of Education

Related Laws

  • The Guidelines for ensuring Research Ethics (MOE instructions No.153) provide basic principles and directions on the roles and responsibilities necessary to ensure research ethics of researchers and universities, and aims to prevent dishonest acts in research.

Procedures of research ethics verification

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