Affiliated Institutions

Human Rights Center

Human rights refer to “dignity, values, freedom, and rights as human beings” that are regularly protected as natural and legal rights in Constitution of the Republic of Korea or customary international law. The Human Rights Center was established in order to protect human rights of all SKKU members and to create a university culture free from discrimination and violence.


The Center not only provides professional counseling for actions and recovery from the harm of human rights violation and sexual violence, but also develops mature and proper university culture throughout human rights and gender equality education.

Main Responsibilities and Functions

  • Counseling about human rights violation, sexual violence, etc. for university members
  • Receive and investigate cases of sexual harassment/sexual violence in accordance with the [Regulations on Prevention and Handling of Sexual Violence] at the time of victim reports
  • Legal, medical, and psychological support and connections for victims of human rights violation and sexual harassment/sexual violence
  • Education at least once per year on the prevention of human rights violation and sexual harassment/sexual violence for students and faculty/staff
  • Surveys and research on incidents of human rights violation/sexual violence and their damages

Utilization Method

  • Utilization possible through in-person visit, phone, or online application
  • In-person visits: Dasan Economics Hall, 1st floor (Humanities & Social Sciences Campus), Shops & Services Building, 3rd floor (Natural Sciences Campus)
  • Phone Number: (02)760-1299 (Humanities & Social Sciences Campus), (031)290-5682 (Natural Sciences Campus)
  • Online Application: http://helper.skku.edu
  • Service Hours: 9:00AM ~ 5:30PM (Monday ~ Friday)
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