Career Development

Student Human Resources Development Team

The Student Human Resources Development Team supports students career management and helps them develop their career paths so they can effectively utilize their knowledge and skills.

Roadmap for Undergraduate Students

Roadmap for Undergraduate Students
Freshman (1st year) Sophomore (2nd year) Junior (3rd year) Senior (4th year)

Career exploration and plans for university life

  • Self-analysis and self-understanding
  • Understanding of interests and aptitudes
  • Draft career portfolio

Set career trajectory and self-improvement

  • Research businesses, companies, and employment information
  • Determine desired career path
  • Set and execute goals and career plans (contents, exhibbitions, volunteer work, certificates)

lmprove competitiveness in job market

  • Analyze companies and job fields
  • Set field or job and prepare for job applications
  • Build up skills and experience

Improve kills for job search and employment

  • Prepare for actual job and employment opportunities
  • Make stage-by-stage plans for recruitment processes (job applications, personality and aptitude tests, interviews)

Student Human Resources Development Team Programs

  • Job and career counseling

  • Regular Career-related Courses

  • Programs for Various Path to Society

  • Field education (Domestic/Overseas)

  • Support for students to find ways into public posts

  • University employment center


Job and Career Counseling

  • - Career Guidance: Helps students plan their careers based on their knowledge and skills
  • - Job Counseling: Offers advice to students about suitable career paths and fields related to individual majors and various on and off campus activities
  • - Career Management: Offers services to graduates who wish to find jobs in their fields of study or to change their career paths

Regular Career-related Courses

  • Career Exploration and Career Development (1st and 2nd year students)
  • Core Strategies for Employment (3rd and 4th year students)
  • Career dDvelopment Program for Female Students

Programs for Various Paths to Society

  • - Job search groups
  • - Interview Skill Development Job Campus
  • - Job Search Academy
  • - Major Enterprise Aptitude Tests
  • - Job Fairs
  • - Job and Employment Seminars
  • - On-Campus Recruitment
  • - Recruitment Fairs
  • - Recommended Hiring
  • - Mock Interviews
  • - Public Enterprise Mock Aptitude Testing Services

Career Zone / Job Cafe

  • - Function: Serves as a place to provide career counseling, recruitment and employment information to SKKU students for their employement services
  • - Location: Humanities and Social Sciences Campus - 1F, Business School Bldg., Room#: 33102 (02-760-1085)
  • Natural Sciences Campus - 1F, Student Union Bldg. (031-290-5044)
  • - Office Hours: Monday through Friday 9:00 AM ~ 5:30 PM (Counseling sessions can be scheduled via reservation)
  • - Use: Students can visit the center or receive counseling by phone/email
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