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    Research team develops a Catalyst to convert Carbon Dioxide to Petrochemical Intermediate

    Prof. Jongwook BAE (Chemistry Engineering)’s research team develops a catalyst to convert carbon dioxide to petrochemical intermediate

  • 기본썸네일이미지

    Prof. Karsten Rott's Research Team (Dept. of Physics) Participated in the IBS Dark Matter Study

    The Cosine-100 Collaborative Research Unit of IBS (Institute for Basic Science) which SKKU research team led by Prof. Karsten Rott (Dept. of Physics) participated paved the way for long-standing controversy surrounding dark matter signal that Dama experiment had observed. The results of this research were published at the online edition of Nature (IF 42.351) on December 6th at 3 AM. In the paper, data from the cosine-100 experiment suggested that there is insufficient evidence that the signal detected by the Dama experiment is caused by dark materials, and disproved most of the theories based on the results of the Dama experience. Currently, two graduate students of our university are participating in the cosine-100 experiment and are conducting a detector simulation. SKKU team has been participated in this experiment from the beginning of detector production and is contributing on the data monitoring from the detector. "The cosine-100 experiment will continue to collect data. We hope that we will be able to fully understand the anomalies observed by the Dama experiment, Prof. Karsten said. “Although this result does not directly identify the presence of dark matter, it may discovered a new phenomenon that we do not yet.”

  • 기본썸네일이미지

    "LIBO", a Guidance Robot at the University Library

    SKKU built a smart campus system with the support of Woori Bank in the fall semester of 2018. As part of this project, the university library has launched a guidance robot system using A.I. and robot technology.

  • jacscyclop

    Prof. Do Hyun RYU and His Team Developed Asymmetric Synthetic Method for Square Carbon Ring Ketone Compound

    Prof. Do Hyun RYU of the Department of Chemistry succeeded in developing an asymmetric synthesis method of square carbon ring ketone compound using Lewis acid catalyst. The results of this study were selected as a cover paper for the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS; IF = 14.357).

  • 정가영 교수

    Prof. Ga Young CHUNG Identified the Action Mechanism of Wnt Signaling, the Main Signaling Mechanism of Our Body

    Prof. Ga Young CHUNG and her research team of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at SKKU has investigated the action mechanism of Wnt signaling.

  • 김인수 교수

    Prof. In Su KIM (School of Pharmacy) Develops a New Synthesis of Drug Compounds More Simply and Easly

    On June 6th, Prof. In Su KIM (School of Pharmacy) and his research team of SKKU said that they found a way to make compounds of pyridine and quinoline more easily with more cheaper price by using new reaction process.

  • 정지훈 교수

    Prof. Ji Hoon KIM and His Team Develops a Drug Delivery Technology to Replace Needles

    Prof. Ji Hoon KIM and His Team Develops a Drug Delivery Technology to Replace Needles

  • Prof. Seong Shin KIM's research on possibility of treating cognitive and early dementia patients using MRI and RTMS

    Prof. Seong Shin KIM's research on possibility of treating cognitive and early dementia patients using MRI and RTMS

    Prof. Seong Shin KIM's research on possibility of treating cognitive and early dementia patients using MRI and RTMS

  • 기본썸네일이미지

    Prof. Duk Joon KIM and his research team was Selected for 2018 Future Materials Discovery Project

    The research team led by Prof. Duk joon KIM (School of Chemical Enigneering/Polymer Science and Engineering) was selected for 2018 new research group for National Research Foundation’s Future Materials Discovery Project. The research theme is “Hyper Ion Transfer Channel Based Superionic Conductive Flexible Material.” The research team with SKKU professors Pil Jin YOO, Gi-Ra LEE and Jp Seok PARK has organized a research group with Seoul National University, Korea University, Yonsei University, and POSTECH and will receive a total of KRW10.2 billion in research grants over the next six years. LG Chemical, L&F Co., Ltd. and Kolon Industries will participate as partners. The goal of this project is to develop a superionic conductive solid electrolyte which is safe, flexible, and highly efficient in order to overcome the limitations of existing problems of the low energy density of conventional liquid electrolyte, reactivity with liquid electrolyte and lithium metal electrode, and solubility of polysulfide in liquid electrolyte. In order to realize this, a new concept of hyper ion channel based polymer material will be designed and synthesized and applied to various devices.

  • 기본썸네일이미지

    Prof. Jae Pil HUR and His Team Has Been Selected as a Customized Research Development Pilot Project for Public Security

    Prof. Jae Pil HUR (Dept. of Software) and his research team has been selected for the ‘Customized Research Development Pilot Project for Public Security’ by Ministry of Science and ICT and National Police Agency. The research team composed of Prof. Jae Pil HUR, Prof. Yoo Sung KIM, Prof. Jong Wook LEE and Prof. Seung Woo HONG (Dept. of Forensic Science) will carry out the project with the subject ‘development of intelligent control system based on image crowd sourcind.’ In the next two years and nine months, the team will receive research fund of 1,375 million won. This research project aims to contribute to the rapid resolution of crime cases by increasing the productivity of image evidence acquisition and analysis process in the investigation site based on ICT technology. Furthermore, it is expected to make an important contribution to the field of legal security forensics and digital forensics.

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