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  • 성균관대 총동창회, ‘2020 자랑스러운 성균인상’ 28일 시상식 개최

    SKKU Alumni Association Holds “2020 Proud Sungkyun Awards”

    Sungkyunkwan University Alumni Association (President Yong-Taek Yoon) announces four winners of “2020 Proud Sungkyun Awards”. Winners: Eun-Hae Yoo (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education), Soo-Sam Chae (CEO of Grape Communications), Jong-Sun Woo (CEO of Asia Today), Jong-Gu Park (Chairman of Jook-Ho Academy)

  • 2021 성균노벨상 후보 후원상 수여식 개최

    2021 Sungkyun Nobel Prize Candidate Sponsorship Award Ceremony

    Sungkyun Nobel Prize Candidate Sponsorship Award Ceremony was held on May 17 at the President’s Office. On April 13, Professor Ahn (School of Medicine), who was selected as the winner after review by the Sungkyun Nobel Prize Nominee Sponsorship Committee, will receive 50 million won as a reward.

  • ㈜아임뉴런바이오사이언스 ‘삼성융합의과학원발전기금’전달식

    Imnewrun Biosciences Delivers Development Funds for Samsung Advanced Institute for Health Sciences and Technology

    Imnewrun Biosciences (CEO: Hanju Kim) visited the office of President at the Humanities and Social Sciences Campus and delivered 100 million won (including 50 million won contract) of development funds for Samsung Advanced Institute for Health Sciences and Technology (SAIHST) on May 4 (Tue).

  • 류덕희 회장 연구/장학기금 2억5천만 원 기부

    CEO Deok-Hee Ryu Donated 250 million for Research/Scholarship Funds

    Deok-Hee Ryu (Graduate in department of Chemistry and CEO of KyungDong) visited the office of the president of SKKU on April 20 (Tue) and donated a total of 250 million won.

  • 2021학년도 1학기 우석정호장학금 수여식 개최

    2021 Spring Semester Wooseok Jeongho Scholarship Ceremony Held

    The 2021 spring semester Wooseok Jeongho Scholarship ceremony was held on April 9 (Fri) at the 600th Anniversary Hall (6F). Seojin Jung, the CEO of Hwashin and a son of former president Jeongho (SKKU graduate) who passed away, visited our university and awarded scholarship to Wooseok Jeongho scholarship students.

  •  ㈜TS트릴리온 장기영 대표이사(불어불문87)는 1.6(수) 총장실을 방문하여 「장기영TS장학기금」1억 원을 전달했다.

    TS Trillion CEO, Ki-Young Jang, Donated Scholarship Fund

    TS Trillion CEO, Ki-Young Jang, Donated Scholarship Fund Ki-Young Jang (graduate of French Language and Literature), CEO of TS Trillion, visited the office of president on January 4 (Wed) and donated 100 million won for scholarship fund. The fund delivery ceremony was attended by President Dong-Ryeol Shin, Member of Board Young-Su Joo, Vice President of External Affairs Division, Dean of College of Liberal Arts Kyung-Seok Lim, Dean of Department of French Language and Literature Hee-Tae Park, and CEO of TS Trillion Ki-Young Jang. The CEO Ki-Young Jang said, “Despite the current situation, we could’ve grown into a promising company with pride of being a graduate of Sungkyunkwan University. I wish the SKKU produces more talented people in the future.” President Dong-Ryeol Shin said “The donation made by the CEO Ki-Young Jang, even in difficult situations, will greatly help the school. I would like to thank many great alumni who cherish and support our university. As a leader who practice the founding Confucianphilosophies of our university (benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom), I will make more efforts with the deans and professors of College of Liberal Arts to cultivate more talented people with character and qualities.

  • 행정학과 84학번 동문 3인, 정부의 차관급 인사 승진임명

    Three Alumni from Department of Public Administration Were Appointed as Vice-minister Level Officials

    On December 23 (Mon), President Moon appointed 10 vice-minister level officials. Among them, three graduates of Sungkyunkwan University’s Department of Public Administration were selected.

  • ㈜H&A파마켐 화학과발전기금 50만 달러 기부

    H&A Pharmachem, Donated Development Funds to Department of Chemistry

    H&A Pharmachem CEP Hyo-Kyung Yoo (Alumnus) and CTO CEO Hong-Geun Ji (Alumnus) visited the president’s office on December 21 and signed an agreement to donate $500,000 of development funds for 5 years to the Department of Chemistry and delivered $100,000 in the first year.

  • 아모레 퍼시픽, 성균중국연구소 통해 우리 대학에 마스크 총 2만장 기부

    Amore Pacific Donates 20,000 Masks to SKKU

    It was announced on Monday, February 17th that Korea skincare company, Amore Pacific, donated 20,000 masks to our university.

  • 성균나노과학기술원 김용호·글로벌바이오메디컬공학과 서민아 교수 학교발전기금 21억원 기부 약정

    Prof. Yongho KIM and Minah SEO agrees to donate 2,100,000,000 KRW to university

    The donation ceremony was held on October 18th at the President’s room in the 600th Anniversary Hall.

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