Affiliated Institutions

Sungkyun Humanity Education Center

The Sungkyun Humanity Education Center is in charge of tasks related to the development and management of courses and extracurricular programs necessary for education that cultivates humanity.

SUBS(Broadcasting Station)

Main Responsibilities and Functions

  • Lectures on Sungkyun Analects of Confucius and reading classics
  • Educational methods development seminar
  • Educational methods development seminar
  • This Week’s Well-Known Classic
  • Humanity Campaign Project
  • ‘The Analects of Confucius’ Essay Competition
  • Event for Coming-of-Age Day
  • My Life Role Model [Humanity Trip]
  • Preliminary Sungkyun Members [Location Trip]
  • Scholar’s Dignity [Humanity Camp]
  • [Saimdang Humanity Classroom] with parents
  • Invite prominent figures from Korea and abroad to give special humanity lectures
  • Content Manager