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Graduate School of Business Administration

The EMBA is the most innovative part-time MBA program in Korea, helping business people and executives to master the skills to become international leaders. Globalization, leadership and innovation are the mission keywords of the EMBA program. This MBA degree can be earned by attending campus twice a week over a 2-year period.

SKK GSB(Graduate School of Business)

SKK Graduate School of Business (SKK GSB) is the first business school in Korea which offers a globalized MBA program.Since 2012, Financial Times Global MBA Rankings has placed SKK GSB as the No.1 MBA program in Korea. SKK GSB is recognized for its dual degree programs with top business schools in the world.

Graduate School of Governance

Graduate School of Governance cultivates future leaders to take initiative in the era of governance where governmnet, citizen, and market collaborate. It functions as Think Tank which suggests the direction of Korea's public administration and strategic alternatives through academin and intergrative role of "Governance research institute". It promotes the change in the society through participation and voluntary services along with rich experience in the education research.

Graduate School of Technology Management

Graduate School of China

SKK GSC offers specialized education to incubate China business leaders and the curriculum is subdivided by fields : China Finance, China Marketing and China Strategy & Entrepreneurship. Building on the strong foundation of business core courses, students can opt for Finance, Marketing or Strategy & Entrepreneurship by taking elective courses. SKK GSC offers diverse selection of elective courses that enable students to uniquely define their educational and career objectives.

School of Law

Graduate School of Water Resources

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