Affiliated Institutions

LINC Project

For convenient campus life and academic performance, the center take charge of various supportive activities including teaching and learning support, campus life support, career and job application support, provision and improvement of convenience facilities in the school, improvement of the awareness of disabilities, and establishment of welfare policy.

LINC Project

Main Service

  • studying support and campus life support
  • equipping and support of assistive technology device and studying apparatus
  • counseling for studying and career development
  • supporting helpers for classes and living - supporting production electronic braille books
  • other individual supports of campus life
  • installment and improvement of convenience facilities in the school
  • meeting of students with disabilities and personal counsel
  • managing improvement awareness of disabilities for students and faculties


  • Humanities & Social Science Campus (Seoul): Joong-Ang library 3rd floor
  • Natural Science Campus (Suwon): Samsung library 3rd floor
  • Content Manager