Home Builder

SKKU Web Builder (SWB) is a website creation tool of SungKyunKwan University that makes easy to create websites with templates that were already built. SWB can be used only for university administrative organizations, colleges & schools, graduate schools, and research institutions, and it is not available for personal blogs or websites with commercial purposes.

  • Please access to http://swb.skku.edu and follow the steps for creating website:
    • ① Sign in with SKKU ID → ② Request to open up a website → ③ Get approval from the administrator of the Information Communications Division and start building your website


WebHard is a web storage solution that allows users to use a virtual disk space like a physical computer drive. Users can save, share, send and backup files using an Internet-connected computer at any time and anywhere. It offers 500mb of free disk space to faculty and 100mb to students.

Webhard can be accessed through Kingo Portal in the following ways.
  • File storage : My Disk
    • An independent storage space for storing personal data.
    • Users can set up a sharing folder and share files with other users.
  • File sharing : CoWork
    • A cooperative work space for storing and sharing files for common department use.
  • File delivery : Pub Folder
    • Users can post a URL of a file and other users can easily download the file or view images.
  • File security : Security Folder
    • Important files can be saved and password-protected in a security folder.
    • Files can be sent safely through a password protected transfer method.
  • Content Manager