5 Divisional Strategies

  • 교육혁신

    Educational Innovation

    • Promote convergence education and re-establish roles of SKKU Institute of Convergence (Academic hub for convergence education)
    • Expand and support interdisciplinary programs
    • Impose e-portfolio that induces self-directed learning/career development and reconstruct i-campus
    • Introduce guidance system for all SKKU students and Improve data-based education quality
    • Strategic recruitment of outstanding graduate students and maintain research competitiveness as a research-oriented university
  • 교수/연구


    • Strategic development for 3 new academic convergence fields
    • Enhance quality-oriented research competition
    • Provide support for research experts for building sustainable research systems
    • Promote academic exchanges for joint-research vitalization
    • Encourage researchers through integrated support system for outstanding faculty members
  • 산학협력

    Academic–Industrial Cooperation

    • Strive to become a Global Entrepreneurial University
    • Lead Academic – Industrial cooperation for new businesses
    • Foster specialized start-up models on each campus
    • Interregional linkage and specialized Academic–Industrial cooperation for regional businesses
  • 브랜드

    Brand Power

    • Operate SKKU Brand Design Committee
    • Expand mobile communication channels
    • Establish a brand of SKKU Culture
    • Develop consulting system for university/college evaluation on competitiveness
    • Strengthen Global Challenger Program
  • 경영혁신

    Management Innovation

    • Establish Well-Life in Campus
    • Establish university management system based on Big Data
    • Spread Global SKKU Culture (Develop SKKU Global Center)
    • Design future campus (Campus Integration)
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