A ceremony of ‘Joongbong Neuroscience Research Fund’ delivered by Chairman Hyun-Koo Lee 2021.11.26
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A ceremony of ‘Joongbong Neuroscience Research Fund’ delivered by Chairman Hyun-Koo Lee

Hyun-Koo Lee (Chairman of La Casa Group, SKKU Alumni) donated 1 billion KRW of ‘Joongbong Neuroscience Research Fund’ on November 24 (Wed) to develop research in the field of neuroscience at Sungkyunkwan University.

Chairman Hyun-Koo Lee, Representative Hyung-Woo Lee, Ji-Woo Lee, Dong-Hyun Ki, and Director Joo-Hee Lee attended from La Casa Group at the delivery ceremony. From Sungkyunkwan University, President Dong-Ryeol Shin, Executive Vice President Seon-Gyu Park, Dean of SKKU Institute for Convergence Jae-Do Nam, Director of IBS Research Sung-Ki Kim, Professor Won-Mok Shim, and Min-ah Seo and other professors attended to honor the ceremony.

President Dong-Ryeol Shin said, “In line with the declaration of our university's ambitious future development plan, VISION 2030, to leap 30 departments to the top 20 in the world by 2030, I would say that the large amount of donation from Chairman Lee will be a great help to our research in bio and neuroscience fields. As he wishes, we will try to raise the multidisciplinary R&BD ecosystem to the world's top tier.”

Chairman Hyun-Koo Lee said, “The field of neuroscience is expected to have endless research and results that mankind has yet to solve. It is a great pleasure in life to share the wealth that has been accumulated in a fierce life and to watch them grow together through sharing. So, I donated to help the neuroscience imaging research environment. I hope that research results will be derived in a better environment and lead to the reward of the donor.”

Sung-Ki Kim (Director of IBS Research) said “In accordance with Chairman Lee’s great will and spirit, we will use the research fund to make efforts to help Sungkyunkwan University’s neuroscience grow globally.”

Professor Shim announced his plan to build a ‘Chairman Hyun-Koo Lee’s research fund Fellowship Wall’ and a future vision to enter the Global Top 10 within five years and the Global Top 1 within 10 years in the field of neuroscience.

Chairman Lee has donated about 2.8 billion KRW to about 15 kinds of funds so far and adding 1 billion KRW to the Joongbong Neuroscience Research Fund, a total amount of his donation becomes 3.8 billion KRW.

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