Cheong Lang Donated Total Profit from the SKKU Mascot Crowdfunding 2021.05.07
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Cheong Lang Donated Total Profit from the SKKU Mascot Crowdfunding

- Donated about 3 million won to Sungkyunkwan University’s ‘COVID-19 Win-Win Hope Fund’

[Image 1] Sungkyunkwan University Mascot Yuljeon & Myungryun

SKKU announced that a student club, Yusaeng Cultural Planning Group called Cheong Lang, carried out the SKKU mascot (Myungryun and Yuljeon) crowdfunding and donated total profit to Sungkyunkwan University.

Cheong Lang carried out the crowdfunding at Tumblbug from February to early March and raised about 20 million won, which was more than their original target amount (12 million won), with approx. 700 participants.

Cheong Lang donated 3,120,489 won, excluding the production cost of mascots, to Sungkyunkwan University’s ‘COVID-19 Win-Win Hope Fund’. Cheong Lang donated about 2.7 million won to the university last year with a profit they made by making goods using Myungryun and yuljeon.

The ‘COVID-19 Win-Win Hope Fund’ is a fund raised and managed by Sungkyunkwan University for neighbors suffering from COVID-19 and is used as an academic encouragement fund for low-income students and win-win scholarship for children of local small business owners and alumni.

[Image 2] Sungkyunkwan University’s Yusaeng Cultural Planning Group, Cheong Lang

Yoojin Shin, the head(장의) of Cheong Lang, said, “We planned the crowdfunding to promote Myungryun and Yuljeon, the Sungkyunkwan University’s mascots, and to help neighbors who are having a hard time because of COVID-19.”

Cheong Lang is a student club that inherits the old tradition of Sungkyunkwan Confucian scholars which were called Yusaeng in the Joseon Dynasty. Cheong Lang holds ‘Gohanora’ a reinterpret event of Yuso in a modern way. Yuso is an event organized by Yusaeng in the Joseon Dynasty and it means ‘Confucian scholar’s petition to the King’. They also organize the annual official matriculation ceremony for freshmen, ‘Shin Bhang Rye’.

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