SKKU Technical Holding Company Leads Second Venture Boom 2020.03.16
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SKKU Technical Holding CompanyLeads Second Venture Boom

SKKU’s technology holding company [CEO YooPil-jin (Professor of Chemical Engineering/High Molecular Engineering, Head of Industrial-AcademicCooperation Division)] said on April 11 that it will register as an"accelerator" of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups(MSS) and continueto support early startups by utilizing Sungkyunkwan University’s excellentinfrastructure and know-how.

Accelerators (start-up planners) specializein professional services such as discovering and nurturing early startups, and oncethey are registered with the Ministry of SMEs and Startups(MSS), they can beauthorized to form individual associations and receive support with various taxbenefits.

The government is planning to create a newfund for university technology holding companies worth 600 billion KRW by 2022and expanding the second venture boom by allowing them to register asaccelerators and form venture investment associations through the enactment ofthe Venture Investment Promotion Act.

SKKU’s technology holding company is expected to create an ecosystem of startups based on excellent technology and drivethe second venture boom by joining other domestic university accelerators.

Prof. Yoo said, “By registering as anaccelerator, we have set the stage for a virtuous circle in which we canmaximize the performance of our technology business based on the excellentintellectual property held by our university and reinvest in education andresearch."

SKKU’s technology holding company hasestablished and operated 11 subsidiaries based on the excellent technology offaculties and researchers in universities since its establishment in 2012.

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