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[Academics] 2021 ISS Application Guide for SKKU Student 최종 수정일 : 2021.04.30
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The International Summer Semester, which began in 2008 and marks its 13th anniversary this year, will be held online this year.

We ask for your interest and participation.

○ Period : 2021. 6. 24(Thur) ~ 7. 15(Thur) / Class: Mon~Fri

※ No classes on July 9 (Fri)

○ Class Hours : 09:00~11:45 A.M. / 1:00~ 3:45 P.M.

○ Eligible to Apply : Sungkyunkwan enrolled students and students on leave of absence (undergraduate only)

※ Exchange students will have separate system to register for courses. 

    (We will notify exchange students via email individually).

○ Course Registration and Payment Period:

[1st Round] 2021. 4. 26(Mon) 10:00 ~ 5. 14(Fri) 17:00

[2nd Round] 2021. 5. 20(Thur) 10:00 – 6. 4(Fri) 17:00

○ Tuition Fee : 450,000 KRW per course

○ How to Register Course : GLS> Course Field> Undergraduate Course Registration > ISS/WISE

※ After the course registration, tuition fee must be paid in full.

※ If tuition payment is not paid within each period, registered course will be deleted.

○ Available Credits to Enroll : 6 Credits

※ ISS course and summer course can be taken together with a limit of 6

    (ex. 3 credits from ISS + 3 credits from summer course)

○ Course Cancellation and Tuition Refund : Click “Refund” on registration page

※ The tuition fee will be refunded in full via “Refund” button, only during the course registration period.

※ Once classes begins, class change or cancellation is not available.

<Credit Recognition>

○ Recognize 3 credits per course: recognized as major

※ Major recognition status can be found via file name (‘2021 ISS major credit recognition status’) attached.

- If you take a course that has not recognized as major, it will be recognized as ‘general elective’.

○ International Course Recognition

※ ISS3247 Korean Pop Culture and Cultural Contents will be taught in Chinese (Except ISS3247, all classes will be taught in English)

○ If you apply for an exchange student program, additional points will be provided


○ Read the syllabus and check the textbooks and materials before registering for classes.

○ Soon-to-be Graduates/Students with course completion in August 2021 are eligible to apply.

※ But, students who are on leave of absence must enroll for a regular semester later even if they meet graduation credit requirement through ISS.

(For students on leave of absence can only apply for summer classes twice.)

○ After the course enrollment, make sure to check whether it is recognized as major or not.

Inquiries: Office of International Relations (02-760-0028)

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