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[General] On-Campus Facilities in the Fall Semester 최종 수정일 : 2020.08.31
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On-campus Facilities in the Fall Semester

1. On-Campus Cafeteria

a. HSSC in Seoul: Geumjandi, Okryucheon

b. NSC in Suwon: Haengdangol, Cafeteria in Engineering School, Soul Food, Gousijae

c. Keep social distancing and installing the anti-droplet infection divider

2. On-campus Stores

a. HSSC in Seoul: CVS CU, Photo Studio, Travel Agency, Mobile Phone Shop, Flower Shop, Souvenirs, Multi-media Shop, Book Store, Sarangbang (cafe), Photocopy Room, Stationery, Hair Salon

b. NSC in Suwon: CVS, Cafe, Travel Agency, Photo Studio, Flower Shop, Optician’s Shop, Book Store, Stationery

** Only take-out available

3. Library

a. Operation Hours for Reference Room: 09:00~21:40 (Untact book lending)

b. Operation Hours for Reading Rooms: 08:00~22:00 (Keep social distancing and wearing masks)

** Social distancing and wearing masks are required all the time within the library.

4. Student Center

a. Hours: 09:00~19:00

b. Keep wearing masks and ventilating regularly; eating is not allowed in the building

5. Shuttle Buses

a. HSSC in Seoul: 07:00~19:00 (Flexible to the number of students)

b. HSSC-NSC: From Monday to Friday, 7 times a day

** Anyone using the shuttles between HSSC and NSC must check for a fever and fill in the list of passengers

6. Sport and Cultural Facilities

a. Stadium in HSSC

- From Monday to Friday: 08:00~22:30, Weekends: 08:00~17:00

- Must follow the instruction and submit the list of users

b. Basket Ball Courts in both campus: open to everyone, but official events such as classes are not allowed.

c. Sungkyun Madang in HSSC: Closed

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