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[Events] 2020 Student Success Story Contest - Tell Your Growing-up Stories! 최종 수정일 : 2020.06.26
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Tell Your Growing-up Stories at SKKU~!

○ Application period : August 3(Mon.) ~ 14(Fri.), 2020

○ Topic
- My or my friend’s growing-up stories after going through various trials and errors during the college life
- My or my friend’s successful stories that benefit our society during the college years

- stories that best use of online classes in 2020 spring semester
- stories that have a good impact on the public interest and society using curricular and extracurricular activities (research, invention, patent, service, etc.)
- challenging stories to find one’s dreams and hopes while studying at SKKU as a foreign student
* Self-Recommendation: I apply to introduce my student success stories.
* Recommendation by others: I apply to introduce my friend’s success stories
 (I submit an application and make a PPT presentation, but my friend gets rewards if he/she is selected as a winner.)

○ Participant Qualifications

- Track A: Korean Undergraduate and Graduate Students enrolled in Sungkyunkwan University in 2020 Fall Semester
- Track B: Foreign Undergraduate and Graduate Students enrolled in Sungkyunkwan University in 2020 Fall Semester

* Graduates and candidates for Bachelor degree are not eligible to apply.
* Students who are scheduled to take 2020 fall semester off can apply, but cannot receive scholarships for the contest.
* Scholarship will be returned if the winner takes 2020 fall semester off after receiving the scholarship. (No scholarship for a dropout in 2020 fall semester.)
* In the case of recommendation by others, the person being recommended must meet the above qualifications.
* In the case of recommendation by others, the applicant should get a consent form and signature from the person being recommended

○ Application Method and Procedure
1) Document to submit (See Attachment)
- Application Form
- Agreement for Collection and Use of Personal Information
- Documentary Evidence: If applicants have evidence to prove their stories(not more than three photos, less than three minute video clip, or less than three award certificates, etc.), submit them separately from the application form.

2) Apply to: stusuccess@skku.edu

○ Schedule
-  Apply : August 3(Mon.) ~ 14(Fri.), 2020
-  1st Document Screening : August 19(Wed.) ~ 26(Wed.), 2020
- Announce the Results of 1st Document Screening : August 28(Fri.), 2020
- 2nd PT Comprehensive Screening : September 7(Mon.) ~ 10(Thu.), 2020
- Announce the Final Results : September 18(Fri.), 2020
- Award Ceremony : September 23(Wed.), 2020
○ Final results
1) Announce : September 18(Fri.), 2020
   ※ Student Success Center Website and Individual notification

2) Award Ceremony : September 23(Wed.), 2020 (tentative)
   ※ The changed Schedule will be notified.

○ Awards & Benefits

- Number of Winners: about 10 Korean students & 2 Foreign students
- Scholarship 500,000 won, the Student Achievement Award
- Participate as an author of Student Success Story Book
- Invite as a Lecturer of “Student Success Story Special Lecture”
- Recommend students selected from the contest winners as candidates for President's List(undergraduate students)

* The number of winners may vary depending on the number of applicants.
* Students on leave of absence in 2020 fall semester are not eligible for scholarships, but other awards and benefits can be granted.
* In the case of recommendation by others, the person being recommended will get awards and benefits aforementioned.

※ President’s List : A system to select student success models showing the founding ideology of SKKU, Su-Gi-Chi-In(修己治人), to encourage and celebrate students’ achievements by SKKU President, and to share their successful stories with campus community members

※ President’s List Benefits : President-sponsored Celebration Lunch or Dinner (Winners can bring one or two members of family and friend.) | President's Medal and Award | Award Record on a School Register | Support for President's List Winners’ Activities Related to school and communities | Post a List of Winners on the School Website | Mark Winners’ Name on the Graduation Brochure | Give Priority for School Recommended Internship

○ Screening Criteria
 The criteria are based on following conditions; Applicants

- are suitable for the purpose of this contest
- conducted diverse activities on their own initiatives
- made an effort to learn and grow
- pursued challenges and innovations
- experienced in cooperation with others
- engaged in community activities
- shared their experiences for the sake of the society

○ Cancellation of the Awards in the following cases;
- using the same contents that applicants have already used for other contests
- stealing a part or all of other people's contents and activities.
- finding violations after winning the awards

○ Inquiry : Student Success Center 02-740-1768 / stusuccess@skku.edu
※ SSC Website : success.skku.edu
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