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[Academics] 2019 Winter Gradution Ceremony 최종 수정일 : 2019.02.14
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Congratulations to the graduates who have completed their course of studies. For the purpose of bringing all the members of our university, graduates, professors and parents to cheer for the graduates’ commencement of a new chapter in life, SungKyunKwan University kindly requests the graduates, parents and professors to participate in the 2019 Graduation Commencement Ceremony.
1. Date and place of the Commencement

- Graduation Ceremony : February 25th (Mon), 2019. 11:00 a.m. at SKKU New Millenium hall 

※ The seat ticket will be distributed from 9 a.m., in front of the New Millenium Hall. You may enter the New Millenium Hall after you have received the ticket. As for the guests who could not receive the seat ticket, you may go to “ChoByungDoo International Conference Hall,” which is located on the 5th floor in the 600th Anniversary Building, and watch the ceremony via live streaming

※ Each department’s commencement ceremony will be held independently. The Graduation Ceremony will be for Doctors and Representatives of undergraduate/master graduating students, while the Department’s Commencement Ceremony will be for all undergraduates/master graduating students.

2. Departments Graduation Ceremony Schedule: Please see attached documents 

3. Conferment of degree/Lending gown/Receipt of Album : Please see attached documents 

4. Contact information
1) Graduation Ceremony: Office of Academic Studies, 1811-8585
2) Department Commencement Ceremony: Please contact relevant Department’s Office of College
3) Lending gown/Receipt of Album: (Seoul Campus) 010-9365-5741, (Suwon Campus) 010-6411-3343, 010-4662-1739 ※ Text message appreciated

  ※ Both the university organized ceremony and the individual colleges organized ceremony are intended for the graduates. Dignitaries, professors as well as family members are encouraged to participate and congratulate the graduates for their years of hard work, and join in the many festivities of the day. We hope that all can come to the ceremony and feel the pride of being a permanent member of SKKU. 
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