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[General] Notice of Graduation Commencement Ceremony 최종 수정일 : 2018.02.01
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For the purpose of bringing all the members of our university, grduates, professors and parents, together to make a feative commencement ceremony, SungKyunKwan University (SKKU) cordially requests the graduates, parents and professors to participate in the 2017 Graduation Commencement Ceremony. 

For details on the ceremony please refer to the bellow: 

1. Feature of Commencement 
Total commencement ceremony with each department ceremony will be held at the same time. Graduates participate in the traditional event, ‘Munmyogoyourye’ 

Overview: Celebration Videos (alumnus high-ranking members, etc.)/ School Announcement/ Watching celebration video UCC made by students/Reading aloud thank-you letters to parents written by graduates, etc. 
Culture event: ‘Munmyogoyourye’, ‘Palilmudan’ performance and celebration performance after meals (Drums of hope, etc.) 

2. Date and Place of Commencement 
- Graduation Ceremony : February 26th (Mon), 2018. 11:00 a.m. at SKKU New Milleniumhall 
- Departments Graduation Ceremony : Please see attached documents 

3. Conferment of degree/Lending Black gown/Receipt of Album : Please see attached documents 

※ Both the university organized ceremony and the individual colleges organized ceremony are intended for the graduates. Dignitaries, professors as well as family memebers are encouraged to participate and congradulate the graduates for their years of hard work, and join in the many festivities of the day. We hope that all can come to the ceremony and feel the pride of being a permanent member of SKKU. 
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