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[General] 2016 MIKTA Young Leaders Camp 최종 수정일 : 2016.10.14
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2016 MIKTA YOUNG LEADERS CAMP hosted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea will take place in Gangwon-do from November 3-5, 2016. 
MIKTA is an innovative partnership comprised of Mexico, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Turkey and Australia. It was created in 2013 on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly. MIKTA is an innovative partnership comprised of Mexico, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Turkey and Australia, which aspire to contribute to advancing the shared interests of the international community. 
MIKTA YOUNG LEADERS CAMP aims to lay a foundation for dialogue and knowledge sharing for a better world, among the next generation leaders from the MIKTA member states; Mexico, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Turkey and Australia. It is designed to provide the participants with an opportunity to share creative ideas, broaden networks, and work together on global issues with other like-minded young leaders. 2016 MIKTA YOUNG LEADERS CAMP is looking forward to talented members who will actively participate in the camp. 

1.	Dates: November 3, 2016 to November 5, 2016
2.	Venue: Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea
3.	Participants: 30 participants
4.	Language: English
5.	Program features and provisions
A.	Provides opportunity to broaden the network among students who are interested in middle power diplomacy(such as MIKTA Young Leaders Camp reunion)
B.	Provides opportunity to conduct collaborative research projects among undergraduate and graduate students from MIKTA member states
C.	Transportation, accommodations (double occupancy), meals, and other activity fees are provided. 
6.	Application
             A.	Documentation
■	Application(attached form)
■	CV (curriculum vitae)
■	References
         ○	Undergraduate or graduate enrollment certificate
         ○	Undergraduate of graduate transcript
         ○	Language proficiency test (English is mandatory)
         ○	Career certificate (Korean or English / when it is relevant)
■	Professor recommendation
              B.	Submission
■	Documentation : send to Mike (john@ck.co.kr) who is a person in charge from CAMPKOREA.
■	Recommendation: recommender should send it directly to Mike(john@ck.co.kr) who is a person in charge from CAMPKOREA. 

7.	Notice
          A.	Fill out the application in English. 
          B.	Language proficiency test scores that have not passed the 1 year after the expiration date will be accepted. 
         C.	All the documentation, including a recommendation, will only be accepted before Sunday, October 16. 
          D.	If the contents of the documentation are different from the fact, recruitment can be canceled. 
Contact: CAMPKOREA E-mail_ john@ck.co.kr / Tel_02-538-9001

8. Application: ~ October 16, 2016 (24:00)
i.	Application result announcement: Wednesday, October 19
ii.	Interview: Friday, October 21
iii.	Final announcement: Wednesday, October 26 (via personal E-mail)
*Detailed schedule may be adjusted when necessary.
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