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[General] Course information of ‘Introduction to Interaction Science’ for undergraduate students 최종 수정일 : 2016.02.05
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The department of Interaction Science has opened a convergence course below to help undergraduate students understand issues concerning Interaction Science and revitalize convergence education in the spring semester of 2016. 

We hope all undergraduate students interested in Robot-Human interaction, Smartphone games, User experiences (UX), 3d Printers, Social media, and Fintech register this course. 

1. Course no. / name: COV3017-01 / Introduction to Interaction Science 

2. Credits / Field: 3 / Elective 

3. Lecture Type: Class in English 

4. Course Target: Undergraduate Students 

5. Course Day and Time: Wednesday, 03:00 p.m. ~ 05:45 p.m. 

6. Main Content: Robot-Human interaction, Smartphone games, User experiences (UX), 3d Printers, Social media, and Fintech 

7. Contact us: Office of Dept. of Interaction Science (arsenal09@skku.edu), Prof. Kim Janghyun(alohakim@skku.edu) 

○ How to register for the course on GLS 
 - Core Courses in Total -> Major/Department: Institute for Convergence -> Introduction to Interaction Science 

○ About the course: This course examines the concepts of information analysis from a human perspective, focusing particularly on the theoretical models and practical techniques that underpin the field. Sociological and psychological perspectives will be examined in order to develop an approach to the assessment of users’ needs. Users in this course are defined broadly: it can be users of information system, customers of economic goods, audience of mass media, and customers of businesses. In other words, this course is about interdisciplinary communication, teamwork, and entrepreneurship. This course will help students think critically and creatively about how people seek, find, and use technologies and digital media. Technologies in this course are also defined broadly: it can be infrastructure, applications, services and content. We will examine this topic from both theoretical and practical standpoints, and students will carry out field exercises to sensitize you to the challenges involved in user-centered design of products, systems, services and content. You will learn how to observe, analyze, and think about user behavior among a variety of groups, and how to apply that knowledge to the design or improvement of information system and services. This course is useful for various backgrounds of students, and will support your future work in human-computer interaction, human-robot interaction, digital media and system design. 

Thank you. 
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