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[General] 2016 Spring Semester Scholarship Exemption 최종 수정일 : 2016.02.03
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2016 Spring Semester Scholarship Exemption

Please note that 2016 spring semester’s scholarship stated at the bill may differ from the actual scholarship exemption due to the superposition of the reinstatement application period and the date of bill publication.

①Students enrolled since 2015 Fall semester
②Students approved for reinstatement between 1/25 ~ 1/26
-> Scholarship exemption is processed on the bill

③ Students approved for reinstatement after 1/27
-> Scholarship exemption is not reflected on the bill

The exempted amount on the bill and amount of exemption before enrollment may differ.
So please, be sure to check the status of your scholarship exemption from GLS  before the registration period.

* To view the bill online
GLS 로그인 -> 학적/개인영역 -> 등록금 -> 등록금고지서출력

University Scholarship 02-760-1075/1076 
Government Scholarship 031-290-5098/5033
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