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[Events] Taylor & Francis Researcher Workshop Series Webina(5/17, 5/24) 최종 수정일 : 2023.05.11
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1. Utilising Registered Reports
-What to expect at the event
Join this session to learn about Registered Reports at Taylor & Francis. 
We will cover more about the history and reasons why the registered reports process was created, what to expect as an author, the support and guidance available, and the benefits of working in this way!

-Speaker(s): Matt Cannon, Head of Open Research, Taylor & Francis Group
-Date : 2023. 5. 17
-Time : 4.00pm – 5.30pm  (KST)
-Register URL : https://bit.ly/RWS-URR

2. Predatory Journals Exposed with Think. Check. Submit.
-What to expect at the event
In recent years, the support for open access publishing has grown, with many funders and institutions requiring that researchers make the final version of their papers freely accessible to all. 
However, with the rise of open access, we have unfortunately seen the emergence of unethical actors-predatory publishers- who hope to profit from the new publishing models and to prey on unsuspecting researchers looking to publish their articles as quickly as possible.
This session will look at the nature of predatory publishers, the ethical concerns, examples of the types of predatory activities and communications, and a key resource for avoiding publishing with a predatory journal-Think Check Submit.
This webinar is designed primarily for those with little or no previous publishing experience, & those that are seeking to engage more closely with the scholarly discourse. 

Victoria Babbit, Director of Researcher Development & Outreach, Taylor & Francis Group
Laura Wilson, Head of Research Integrity & Ethics, Taylor & Francis Group
Cenyu Shen, Quality Team Lead, DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals)
-Date : 2023. 5. 24
-Time : 4.00pm – 5.30pm (KST)
-Register URL : https://bit.ly/RWS-PJE

3. Excellence in Peer Review: How to be an effective peer reviewer
-What to expect at the event
An overview of the different types of peer review
The responsibilities of a peer reviewer
How to critically assess an article and write an effective report
What to do if you have ethical concerns about an article you have been asked to review

Priya Dixit, Reviewer Selection Lead, Global Peer Review department
Sonali Singh, Desk Assessment Lead, Taylor & Francis Group 
-Date : 2023년 5월 24일
-Time : 5.30pm – 7.00pm (KST)
-Register URL : https://bit.ly/RWS-EPR
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