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[Academics] [2022 Fall] Application for Withdrawal of Combined Master/Ph.D 최종 수정일 : 2022.08.16
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[Application for Withdrawal of Combined Master/Ph.D]

○ Combined Master/Ph.D Students who want to Withdraw from the Combined Master/Ph.D have to apply through the GLS system.

○ How to apply?
- Go to GLS>Application/Graduation Requirements Management>Applying Early Completion of Combined Master/Ph.D Program
- Please download the attached form and obtain a signature from your advisor and the chair of the department.
- The application form should be attached when you apply.

○ When to apply?
- Aug 29th(Monday) to Sep 6th(Tuesday) every 09:00~23:00

※ For international students, if they withdrew the Combined Master/Ph.D. Program, the students’ status will become ‘dismissal’ upon completion of four semesters and required credits which are equivalent to a Master Program. Therefore, once students completed the 4th semester, those students can no longer stay in Korea and can no longer apply for the visa extension.
Please note that students who had withdrawn the Combined Mater/Ph.D must leave Korea within 30 days after the end of the 4th semester. Thesis guidance and defense can be conducted online after leaving Korea by getting permission from academic advisor. Student can get a master's degree after submitting the thesis.

※ If it's difficult to obtain a signature from the advisor and the chair of department due to COVID-19, you can upload an e-mail that the advisor and the chair of department confirming the waiver of combined degree.
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