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[Events] 2022 Summer Graduation Ceremony 최종 수정일 : 2022.08.05
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For the graduates and congratulators who will attend 2022 Summer Graduation Ceremony, the detailed information about attending the ceremony(how to distribute the seat(and to whom), from when and how to enter the venue, etc) will be informed later. 
Congratulations to the graduates who have completed their course of studies. Graduation Ceremony, which has been held online for a while due to COVID-19, will be held offline for this time. With Offline Graduation Ceremony, all the members of our university would participate together and cheer for the graduates’ commencement of a new chapter in life.  SungKyunKwan University kindly requests to participate in the 2022 Summer Graduation Ceremony.

1. Graduation Ceremony overview: 
 1) Date: 2022. 8. 25.(Thur) 11:00  
 2) Place:  600th Anniversary Building, B2, New Millenium hall 
 3) Method: Offline
※Several College or Department may have their own Graduation Ceremony dependent for their own schedule. Please contact your administrative office in this case.
※Considering COVID-19 and congestion at the venue, the number of people entering and attending the venue can be limited.

2. Photo Zones
 1) Operation Period: 8. 16.(Tue) ~ 8. 29.(Mon) 
 2) Location: [HSSC] Golden Lawn Square / [NSC] Lawn Square in front of Samsung Library

3. Graduation Gowns / Distribution of Diplomas / Issuance of Certificate of Graduation: Please see the attached document
※ As for Graduation Gowns, please refer the notice, 'Graduation Gowns Rental for 2022 Summer Announcement' on the homepage. 

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