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[Hiring/Recruitment] Suwon Phoenix Exchange Association Recruitment 최종 수정일 : 2022.07.12
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<Suwon Phoenix Exchange Association>  member recruitment

We are looking for members to join the launch of the ‘Suwon Phoenix Exchange Association’, where citizens interested in exchanges with Phoenix, USA, Suwon’s International Sister City, gather to discover and promote civic diplomacy programs autonomously and actively. Thank you for your interest and support.

1. Recruitment plan

   1) Recruitment period: 2022. 6. 20. (Mon) ~ 7. 22. (Fri)

   2) Recruitment target

    ⦁ Must be 18 years of age or older, able to converse in English

    ⦁ Citizens interested in exchanges with the city of Phoenix, USA

3) Number of Recruitment : 10 ~ 15

※ Based on the application form, the applicants are selected based on their interest in international exchange, foreign language ability, and sincerity.

  4) How to apply: Fill out the application form [attached] and submit to the person in charge via email (jeesuhan@gmail.com)

  5) Functions and roles

    ⦁ Vitalization of autonomous and active citizen diplomacy with the city of Phoenix, USA

    ⦁ International exchange business proposal and advice with Phoenix City, USA

    ⦁ Performing civil diplomacy roles through various human networks, etc.

2. Activities

   1) Participate in regular meetings in the first and second half of the year and as needed

 2) Support for the planning and operation of exchange programs with the City of Phoenix, USA (video language exchange, homestay, etc.)

 3) American culture and language-related learning, experience, and research activities, etc.


3. Center support

   1) Spatial and administrative support (providing a meeting place within the center, recruiting members, etc.)

   2) Provide opportunities for mutual exchange when the Phoenix City delegation visits Suwon

4. Inquiries: Suwon International Exchange Center: 031) 248-9396

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