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[Events] [Student Success Center]The 10th Special Lecture on the Student Success Story(2020/9/22, TUE, 12:00) 최종 수정일 : 2020.09.17
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Student Success Center invites limited number of people to hear about exciting success stories of International students on Sep.22, Tue.(12:00). 
You can join for the special lecture by applying on https://forms.gle/JQU98c5kEwaa8nsa8. 
Why don't  you expect to be one of 30  lucky winners for a Starbucks coffee voucher with your full time participation? Jon us now! 

The 10th Special Lecture : Student Success of International Students 外国留学生的学生成功

 Date: 2020. 09. 22.(TUE), 12:00-13:30 
 Speakers: Jiang Jing Long (Electrical and Computer Engineering, Graduate school)
                      姜景龙                    (电子电气计算机工程学部, 研究生) 

                     Yong Yik Pong (School of Civil, Architectural Engineering and Landscape Architecture, Senoir)
                     杨易翰                (建设环境工程部, 四年级)

Part 1. Tips to Study Abroad in Korea        韩国留学生活,从简单自然的开始 (Korean Lecture 韩语讲座)
                 - Arrival Experiences in Korea                             抵达韩国后的第一感
                 - Adapting to a New Campus Life                      适应校园生活的良性循环
                 - Interpersonal Relationship in Korea             在韩国的人际关系及其要领
                 - Process to Getting into Graduate Schools  申请研究生的过程

Part 2. My Recipe for Studying Abroad          我的留学生活秘方  (English Lecture 英语讲座)
                 - Ways to Overcome Academic Challenges               克服学习中困难的办法
                 - The Mindset when Meeting Korean Friends            交韩国朋友时的心态
                 - A Life of Studying Abroad Without Regrets              无悔的留学生活
                 - The Balance between Study and Entertainment   学习与娱乐之间的平衡

※ On-site questions are available. 
※ Starbucks coffee vouchers will be presented to 30 participants(Full time participation and 'Video on' are required).

* Application Period : ~ 20(Sun), 2020
* Apply at: https://forms.gle/JQU98c5kEwaa8nsa8
* Attend Live Lectures through Webex Meetings (https://www.webex.com/downloads.html)
    - Meeting room number (577-966-722)

* Inquiry : Student Success Center  031-299-4074/4075
* SSC Website : success.skku.edu
The 10th Special Lecture on the Student Success Story
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