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[General] [Notice] Sungkyunkwan University on Coursera 최종 수정일 : 2020.08.21
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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of global educational programs such as outbound exchange program, International Summer Semester have been decreased or cancelled. 
In this regards, SKKU Office of International Relations is pleased to announce that SKKU has signed a MOU with Coursera to open "Sungkyunkwan University on Coursera" 2020 Fall semester.

You can enjoy more than 370 cutting-edge courses, all taught by top instructors from leading universities and companies such as Yale, University of Michigan, Google, and IBM. 

1. Subject: all registered undergraduate/graduate SKKU students
2. Registration Periods: August 24(Mon) ~ October 30(Fri) 
3. Available Courses: around 370 courses from various fields including Business, Data Science, etc.
4. Registration Process: 
  1) Please check the invitation sent to Kingo email account titled "You're invited to 
learn on Coursera". 
   2) Sign up and create an account in Coursera.
   3) Register courses as you want
5. Benefits: Undergraduate students can acquire 12 hours in Changeui part of new 3-Pum upon successful completion.

※ For the details, please find the attached file "Learner Guide_SKKU on Coursera".
※ As this is a trial semester, there could be some changes in details from next year. 
※ We will inform each program participant how to apply for the 12 hour mileage in Changeui part.
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