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[General] [Notice] A Guideline of Class Operation for the Second Semester of 2020 최종 수정일 : 2020.07.27
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[Notice] A Guideline of Class Operation for the Second Semester of 2020

1. Basic Policy
  a. Three options for the class operation to keep the learning environment safe for the professors as well as students
  b. Allow offline classes by limiting the number of students to ensure safety 
  c. Support the activation of online education and the maximization of its effectiveness

2. The Method of Class Operation (categorized based on students’ attendance in class)
  a. Online (if more than 40 undergraduate students)
    - Take the online class without attending classroom
  b. Hybrid of Online and Offline (if under 40 undergraduate students)
    - Professors: classes will be held in the classroom, provide stored lectures, or streaming lectures in real-time
    - Students: Students will choose whether they want to attend the classrooms or not
  c. Offline:
   - Students will attend the classroom or laboratory for their lecture
   - All of the students are required to attend (experiments, hands-on activities, 
     graduate lectures, and etc.)

※ The guideline above is recommendation. Professors will have an option to choose the how to operate the classes.

3. Important Reminder for the second semester of 2020
 a. Course Registration
   1) Professors will choose the method of class operation (by August 7 (Fri))
   2) Students will select the classes considering the method of lecture operation 
※ After the course registration, the method of class operation can be changed after consultation between instructors and students, if necessary. 
  b. Provide preview of lecture (planned)
    - Before the course registration, professors will provide preview of the lectures
    - Students will choose the courses after watching the previews
  c. Enhance the quality of online lecture
    - Strengthen monitoring by having an ‘online rapid response’ team
  d. Evaluation
    - Same as the first semester of 2020 
  e. Test
    - Offline exams are mandatory (students who are absent due to the COVID-19 - in case of unavoidable circumstances, such as staying abroad – will have assignment as replacement)
    - details will be noticed later

4. Important Information for Students
  a. Course Registration Period : August 13 (Thu) ~ August 21 (Fri)
  b. Safety Rules must be highly obeyed
   1) Wearing the mask when attending the classrooms
   2) Students with any COVID 19-related symptoms such as fever must not come the campus and are required to report to the professor(s) in advance.

5. Other information
 a. Some of the on-campus cafeteria will open
 b. Plan to sanitize classroom continuously 
 c. Plan to improve facilities for online lectures 
 d. Detailed guidelines and information (method of class operation, preview of lecrues, and etc) will be updated soon at Kingo Portal and Student Notices
 e. Students who want to check in the dormitory for the second semester of 2020: please check the notice at Dormitory Website (https://dorm.skku.edu/)

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