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[Academics] [2020 Spring] Early Completion of Combined Master and Ph.D. Program 최종 수정일 : 2020.03.05
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[Applying for the Early Completion of Combined Master/Ph.D Program]

1. What is this for?
- Students who fulfilled credits required for completion of the Combined Master/Ph.D Program within 6 or 7 semesters can shorten their study time by 2 or 1 semesters respectively. 
- With the application for the early completion, those who will have satisfied all the credits for the program within 2020 Spring semester goes to the course completion/research registration status and they are not paying tuition for taking courses but paying for the research.
- If an applicant for early completion does not fulfill the requirements, they will fail the early completion and be subject to the same completion requirements as other students. 

2. How to apply? 
- Go to GLS>Applying Early Completion of Combined Master/Ph.D Program

3. When to apply?
- March 9th(Monday) to March 17th(Tuesday) every 09:00~23:00

※ For the detailed explanation, please email to 18118585@skku.edu 
※ Foreign students in research registration status who entered SKKU from Fall 2012 to Fall 2017 might be excluded from the scholarship if you apply for Early Completion, so please be sure if there won’t be any issue with scholarship. For the detailed explanation, please call College Administrative offices where you belong.
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