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[Academics] FACE-TO-FACE Certificate issuance Restrictions 최종 수정일 : 2020.03.09
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게시글 내용
The FACE-TO-FACE issuance of certificates is temporarily restricted to prevent COVID-19 infection and spread in campus.

1. Duration: 2020.2.24.(Mon) ~ The end of the Situation
During the restrict period, please use the certificate issuing online service.

2. Online issuing service
SKKU main website(Korean)>대학생활>증명발급>학생증명발급>인터넷증명바로가기 click
and enter Kingo-Portal ID & Password
※ Please check the attached file.

3. In case that Online issuing is difficult, issuing by KIOSK is possible.
Location of KIOSK
- Humanities & Social Sciences Campus
     2F, Entrance of International Hall
     1F, Business School
- Natural Sciences Campus
     1F, Engineering2 (26th Building)
     1F, Student Center
     B1F, Dormitory Shin-gwan(B)
issuance Restrictions
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