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[General] Prevention of Novel Corona Virus Infection and University Countermeasure 최종 수정일 : 2020.01.31
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This is an announcement to all members of Sungkyunkwan Universiy as new novel coronaviruses from China is spreading at a rapid speed within the country. Currently, our university has formed an emergency response committee to monitor the new coronavirus-related trends in real time, and we are cooperating with related organizations such as the Ministry of Education and the Centers for Disease Control to respond to the health and safety of the educational environment.

Below are the measures currently taken for the safety of members of the school, including students and staff.

1) We canceled all group events scheduled for February.

     2020 Freshmen Fresh Learning Center and Entrance Ceremony will be cancelled

     2020 Freshmen Orientation will be conducted online (offline events will be cancelled)

     Winter semester of Korean Language Institute will be cancelled

     Graduation Ceremony for the winter of 2020 is under review and will be decided on February 4 (Tue).

2) We have sent an offical letter to our 18 colleges, departments and diverse centres within the university regarding prohibition of holding group events. I ask for your kind understanding and cooperation as this was the decision made after careful considerations to ensure the safety of every member at the university.

3) Student exchanges with Chinese universities in the first semester of 2020 are being negotiated, most of the inbound exchange from China will be cancelled, and outbound exchange to China will be deferred.

4) Student success centers, counseling centers, counseling centers that need 1: 1 face-to-face counseling will be replaced by phone, email, or screen interviews.

5) When selecting students for the dormitory, we will check the immigration records of foreign nationals and assign them to students of the same nationality

6) The dormitory has placed thermostats to check the possible fever of the students. We are also taking measures to ensure the safety of resident students, such as wearing worker masks and using hand sanitizers.

7) The Suspicion Report Center has been integrated into the health center. If you think you have any suspicious symptoms such as fever (37.5 degrees or more), cough, or sore throat, please contact the reporting channel below for guidance.


-Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention (1313)

-Humanities and Social Sciences Campus(Seoul): Infectious Disease Management

Team 1, Jongno-gu Health Center (☏02-2148-3557)

-Natural Sciences Campus(Suwon):

Jangan-gu Health Center Infection Control Team (☏031-228-5655)

University contact:

-Weekly (Mon-Fri 09: 00 ~ 17: 30)

Health care Center ☏02-760-1230, 031-290-5250 / ykmi89@skku.edu

-Night and holidays

Headquarter situation room: ☏02-760-1119, 031-290-5119

8) Please wear masks and wash your hands with soap often and refrain from going to places where many people gather.

9) If you have been to China for the last 2 weeks, you are asked to conduct self-quarantine for 14 days even if you do not have any symptoms

10) Please take special care to avoid misunderstandings and refrain from wordings that directly point Chinese national students and members. (Neutral terms such as 'Chinese visitor' and 'suspicious patient')

International students who come from China and other countries are advised to isolate themselves for 14 days from the date of return and refrain from going out even if they do not have any symptoms. In this case, even if you are absent after the official academic start date, you will not be considered as absent and we will minimize the damage caused by the absence. In addition, please cooperate with the university by communicating as much as possible to determine your health status.

The university is fully aware of the concerns of members due to additional confirmed and secondary infections, and is closely monitoring the situation.

If the situation worsens, the University is preparing measures to control access to the campus and conduct mandatory body temperature checks when entering the building. The following measures will be taken when the “severe” stage of the infectious disease crisis is raised.

-Mandatory access control and body temperature check of all students, cancellation of Shuttle bus operation.

-Delay of semester and temporary closing.

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