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[General] 2018 Sports Day for Int'l Students in Suwon(Fully Booked) 최종 수정일 : 2018.10.19
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2018 Sports Day for
International Students!
1. Introduction
「2018 Suwon Sports Day for International Students」is a program aimed to establish global
network and to expand mutual international exchange between international students from four
representative universities in Suwon city : Kyonggi Universtiy, Kyunghee University, Sungkyunkwan University and Ajou University. Hope you all enjoy the Sports Day while enjoying
exciting sports games and making precious memories with students from all over the world!
○ Date and Time : 18. Nov, 2018(Sun) 13:30 ~ 17:00.
○ Place : ※ A shuttle bus will be provided for the gymnasium from Student Center of SKKU Suwon campus at 12:30 
○ Participants : 280 International Students from four representative universities in Suwon
○ Sports Entire : Flying the Sky, Waddling Relay, Synergy Power, Shoes Archery, Throwing a Ball, Mission Relay
※ Entires can be changed without notice.
○ Cost : Free of charge
○ Application Period : 6. Oct(Tue) ~ 6. Nov(Tue) ※ Participation is available on a first come first served basis
※ If you don’t show up on the da after signing up, you would be restricted to join the other events.
○ Apply Method : Please follow the link below to sign up
Applicants are already fully booked. OISS will email 70 applicants for final confirmation for participation in earyly Nov.

○ Requirements : Only sneakers or running shoes are available at the gym
○ Host : Suwon Center for International Cooperation ,
International Exchange Association of Universities in Suwon

수원시 외국인 유학생 어울림 체육대회 참가 학생 모집

수원시가 주최하고 수원소재 대학(성균관대학교, 경기대학교, 경희대학교, 아주대학교)이 주관하는 제2회 수원시 외국인 유학생 어울림 체육대회가 오는 11월 18일(일) 오전 1시30분부터 5시까지 경기대학교 실내체육관에서 개최됩니다. 여러가지 즐거운 참여 체육종목과 간식, 경품행사 등 다체로운 행사가 준비되어 있으니 관심있는 자과캠 외국인 유학생(교환학생 포함) 여러분의 많은 참여 바랍니다.

<행사 상세정보>
1. 출발일시 장소 : 2018.11.18(일) 12시30분 자과캠 학생회관 앞(단체버스 출발)
2. 행사시간 장소 : 13:30~17:00, 경기대학교 실내체육관
3. 신청방법 : 온라인 신청(선착순 70명)
4. 참여대학 : 성균관대, 경기대, 경희대, 아주대
5. 문의 : 외국인유학생지원팀(02-760-0021/ oissns@skku.edu)
6. 참가비: 무료
7. 준비물: 운동화
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