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[General] 2018 Summer Intensive Course Information 최종 수정일 : 2018.05.11
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[Available Courses]
- Major courses and balance liberal arts courses for undergraduate students.
- Registration method, and opening major courses of Intensive Summer Course of each major departments can be seen through the CYAN notices.

[ Eligible Students]
- This course is eligible for SKKU student sophomores or above(students who have registered 3 semesters or above, one semester or above for transfer students). Students who are returning to school in the Fall semester are also eligible. 
- Students who are graduating in summer(or completed), or planning to take a leave of absence are not eligible. Students who take Summer Intensive Course must register for the Fall semester.

 [Taking Class and Course Registration] 
-The maximum amount of credits students can take is 9. Student should take remaining credits in the following Fall semester.
- Student who take Summer Intensive Course should enroll the following Fall semester. Credits, grades from Summer Intensive Course are accepted as credits, and grades of the same year Fall semester.
  (ex. when a student, who can take up to 18 credits in the Fall semester, takes 6 credits in the Intensive Summer Course, he/she can only take 12 credits in the Fall semester. And both grades will be taken account in the Fall semester.)
- Student who take Summer Intensive Course should pay full tuition for Fall semester.(Students do not need to pay additional fee for the Summer Intensive course.)
- Course Registration is done via http://sugang.skku.edu (not by GLS)
- Student can take Summer Intensive Course and Summer Semester at the same time depending on each student’s time table.

[ Time of Lecture ]
-For 3credit courses, MON(3hrs)/WED(3hrs)/FRI(2hrs) and TUE(3hrs)/THU(3hrs)/ FRI(2hrs)
-Other courses are assigned in one-hour units

 [Timeline(Please refer to CYAN for detailed timeline and information)]
-Electronic Time Table Available from : May 18th(FRI)
-Course Registration: May 28th(MON)~ June 1st(FRI) 8:00 ~ 23:00
-Course Registration confirmation/changing period: June 22nd(FRI) ~ June 26th(TUE) 8:00 ~ 23:00
-Taking Course : June 22nd(FRI) ~ August 2nd(THU) (6weeks) 

- Retaking course from previous spring semester is not available.
- Retaking course from Intensive Summer Semester in the following fall semester is not available. 
- There are no withdrawals in the Intensive Summer Course. (Available only in Course Registration confirmation/changing period)
- Drop out of course in Intensive Summer Semester is not available. (Acceptable only in case of medical treatment until July 23rd. In that case, student must submit certificate from 3rd tier hospital stating medical treatment for more than 4 weeks is required)
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