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[General] Recruiting Seoul City Urban Regeneration Suppoters 최종 수정일 : 2018.03.08
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"Seoul City Urban Regeneration Suppoters" is designed to inform citizens of the need and status of urban regeneration projects under the Special Act on the Vitalization and Support of Urban Regeneration.

1. Who to apply
 Foreign university students who are interested in urban regeneration field and attending Korean university is welcome to apply!
: A college student who can continue to work passionately and who are interested in urban regeneration
: A college student who is eager to share his talents
: A fluent Korean speaker
 (Students who are residents of 13 regions with leading urban regeneration models, students of related majors, and contents production majors are preferred)

2. Activity period
: March 2018 to November 2018 (approximately 8 months)

3. Activity benefits
: The Seoul mayor's nomination will be handed over
: Awards from Seoul Mayor of Excellent Activities Supporters can be received. 
: Surpoters acrivity certificate and Volunteer Check will be issued.
: Opportunities for participation in events, symposiums, and seminars related to urban regeneration projects will be offered.

4. How to apply
: Document receiving period : 2018.3.6(THU) to 3.21(WED), Dead line18:00
: Document review : 2018. 3. 22 (Thursday)
Applicants who passed the document screening after reviewing will be posted on the website and receive individual email 
: Interview: 2018.3.24 (SAT) (Time and location will be informed to the interviewees)
: Selection notice : 2018.3.25. (SUN) * Notice : participation in the opening ceremony is compulsory
: Starting ceremony : 2018.3.26. (MON) 13:00 ~
: How to register : Fill in an application and send email to youthedu@boramyc.or.kr
※ Selection notice announcement and issue date can be changed.

5. Questions to ask:
: Boramae Youth Center Education Support Team (02)-834-6412 Cho Ji-hoon

Please check
1. Please write ' Seoul University Student Urban Regeneration Supporters-000000’s (first name) '. for the subject part of the email you are sending.
2.  After sending e-mail, please call us to the number below to make sure your applications are attached.
- email to : haha3423@youth.seoul.kr / confirmation call to: Education Support Team 02-834-6412
3. After accepting the application, participants will be selected through an interview review.
- Interview assessment must be attended and the contents of application will be referred during the interview process, so please fill out the request sincerely.
- Please make sure to attach your photo in your application. (For creating ID cards)
4. “University Student Urban Regeneration Suppoters” is a long-term activity conducted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Boramae Youth Center.
5. Urban Regeneration Leadership Model No. 13 (Seoul Station / Chang-dong / Sanggye / Seun Shopping Center / Changan / Changan / Garibong / Sungribong / Seongsim 1, 2-gadong / Amsa Dong 1)
6. 1) The supporters activity and volunteer activities confirmation are issued by the municipal Boramae Youth Center in Seoul.
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