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[General] Permission of Part-time Jobs for International Students with D-2 VISA 최종 수정일 : 2018.03.07
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Students with D-2 VISA must get permission from the Immigration office to do part time jobs.

[Permission of Part-time Jobs]

  - Requirement 
   ·Grade Score : Average grade of C(2.0) or above, of just the previous semester.
   ·Korean Language Ability : This requirement starts from Oct 1. 2018.
 (Undergraduate 1st,2nd year)TOPIK level 3 or above
 (Undergraduate 3rd year or above / Graduate School) TOPIK level 4 or above
※If could not meet the language requirement, the working hours are limited up to: undergraduates 10 hours, graduate students 15 hours   (National holidays, summer/winter vacation: working hours unlimited)
※This requirement does not apply to the courses that all classes are processed in English(Additional proof of document needed)

  - Required Documents : 
Confirmation letter for hourly part-time job (by the staff of the International Student Services, including signature of employer), Passport, Alien Card, Application Form, Transcript, Copy of Business License, Copy of Standard Employment Contract (hourly wage, job duty, and working times included)
[since Oct 1. 2018.] TOPIK Score(If English Class Course, a proof document)

  - How to Apply
    ① Fill in the Confirmation letter for hourly part-time job(personal information, place of work)
    ② Visit the Office of International Student Services with the documents to have it checked
    ③ Report to the Immigration Office
  ·Online : www.hikorea.go.kr > E-application 
  ·Visit : Immigration Service Office located in residence

- Allowed Period : Within 1 year during residence, 2 work places  
* The signature of permission of work (including the place and the period) should be written on the passport besides qualification of residence 

  - Allowance Restriction : 
   ·Professional field activities(E-1 Professor, E-2 Foreign Language Instructor, E-3 Research, E-4 Technology Transfer, E-5 Professional Employment, E-6 Artistic Performer, E-7 Designated Activities)
   ·Student who has not made the direct contract with the user(User must be the employer)
   ·Someone who is in the Research Study(D-2-5)
   ·Someone who has not had the confirmation, or had violated the allowance conditions in the past
   ·The following conditions: Companies, employers, or manufacturers that are restricted of visa issuance from illegal employment in the past.

 - Exceptional Allowance of Working in Professional Fields(ex)
   ·Interpretation/Translation, catering business assistant, general office assistant
   ·Salesperson, cafeteria assistant, staff at an English camp(other foreign languages)
   ·Tourist guide assistant, sales asstistant at a duty free shop

  - Reporting Place of Employment Change :
 If a student changes their place of employment (employer) within the permitted period, they must report the change within 15 days via online or by visiting the immigration service or its branch office.

 Violation Treatment (Obtain permission not in proper way, Violate condition of permission)
- 1st violation: Disallow part-time employment for one year under the article 89 of law 
- 2nd violation: Disallow part-time employment during the study period under the article 89 of law
- 3rd violation: Cancel study qualifications under the article 89 of law

 Violation Treatment (Working without Permission)  
- Students and employer both should be asked for at least 3-years of prison labor or 20 million won fine 

 Restrictions on Hourly Part-time Jobs for International Students
- Jobs are limited to those that can be performed as a student by social norms. Works for temporary incentive, prize and etc are excepted from permission. 
- Example
·If a student works as an intern to acquire credits or receives a certain amount as allowance by participating in a research project, or participates (such as a teaching assistant or librarian) in a student scholarship at school, a separate permit  is not required.
·If a student receives compensation and the work performed is temporary normal housework or office assistant tasks, and it is not done as an occupational job, such as in the case with a household assistant
· Salary for advising, estimating, participating the event, casting TV show or movie(for 1 time or not in continuous), etc 
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