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[General] [NSC]D-2 Foreigner Registration/VISA extension/change 최종 수정일 : 2018.03.02
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Due to the difficulty of reserving visits to the Immigration Office in March, the
 university will apply for a substitution for the convenience of students.
 Please refer to the following information.


[Foreigner Registration]

1. Date/ Venue
- Date: 2018. 3. 5(Mon.)~3.9(Fri), 10:00~16:00
- Venue: 27125, Engineering Building No.2

2, Documents:
 (Submission on-line then print) Application Form, Power of Attorney
 ※Required Address, phone number in Home country
 (Others) Photo, Copy of Personal Info page, VISA page of Passport, Certificate of
 Enrollment, Certificate of Residence, Fee(30,000 + Bus fee)

※ After the registration of the AIC, you should go to the immigration office for the
 fingerprinting. We will notice you for the date and the bus fee soon..

3. Call: 031-290-5026
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