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[General] Announcement about Postdoctoral Research Program, 2018 최종 수정일 : 2018.02.07
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To foster new researchers and enhance the research power, announce Postdoctoral Research program, 2018 as below. 

1. Purpose
  A. To provide promising doctoral researchers with opportunities to conduct research activities
B. To keep new researchers carry out work/research and to promote quantity and quality improvement by publishing papers
※ Enhance the research power through training excellent research

2. Scope of Support
A. KRW 30 million per person (KRW 2.5 million/month × 12 months)
※ Severance pay and four major public insurance can be supported separately 
B. Period of Support: 1 year (March 1, 2018 ~ February 28, 2019)
※ trainees can apply only one time. Trainees cannot be selected for extend periods of time. Total training duration cannot be over 1 year.
C. Qualifications of Applicants 
    1) Applicants
A) Less than 5 years since obtaining doctor’s degree
(Those who obtained doctor’s degree since January 1, 2013 or those who are scheduled to obtain doctor’s degree in February 28, 2018)
※ Those who obtained or are scheduled to obtain doctor’s degree in our university and other university may apply.
※ Both Korean and Alien(Korean with foreign nationalities) may apply.
B) Both employed and unemployed doctors may apply. 
※ But employed applicants must resign from their jobs as soon as they are selected so that they can start training programs
※ Full-time faculty working for University, Full-time researcher working for national and public research institutions and private research institutes, impossible to apply
C) Those who possible to work as full-time researcher at the institution in Sungkyunkwan University after selecting
D) Those who have research accomplishments as same as below by deadline
∙ Humanities and Social Science (including Arts and Sport Science)
: Two or more papers published in journals registered with the National Research Foundation of Korea or one or more papers in A&HCI and SSCI-level journal 
∙ Science
: One or more papers published in SCI-Core or SCI-Expanded or at least 1 international patent
2) Academic advisor: Full-time faculty above assistant professor (one trainee per an adviser)

3. Documents to submit 
※ Applicant is responsible for any problems caused by changing the above form or making a false application. If a problem occurs, it can be deducted or zeroed
A. Application form 【Annex1】
· File type: Word file (Change first page of application as PDF file(include signature))
· File name format: Expectative institution Applicant's name_Postdoctoral Research Program 2018.doc
B. Research Proposal【Annex 2】(Word file)
· File name format: Expectative institution Applicant's name proposal_Postdoctoral Research Program 2018.doc
C. Application’s Information & List of Research Achievement【Appendix】(Excel file)
· File name format: Expectative institution Applicant's name_Information & List of Research Achievement Postdoctoral Research Program 2018.xlsx(xls)
  D. A copy of the cover of publications(papers) you listed (Including journal name, title, authors) (PDF file)
E. A copy of the cover of writing/translations you listed (Including publisher name, title, authors) (PDF file)
F. A copy of patents you listed (Including journal name, title, authors) (PDF file)
G. Certificate of doctor’s degree (PDF file)
※ Certification of the expectant doctor’s degree (Those who are scheduled to obtain doctor’s degree in February 28, 2018)

4. Application Procedure 
A. Period of application: Until 17:00 February 23(Friday), 2018
B. Application Procedure: Send the application file and other documents by e-mail to search09@skku.edu
C. Representative: 
Song, Jihye
Research Promotion Team, Research & Business Foundation (Contact: 031-290-5761, search09@skku.edu)
D. Announcement: 
1) Post to “Notice” in main homepage of Sungkyunwan University 
2) Post to 「Board>Notice>faculty/research>subject of research」 in Kongo Portal homepage

【Attachment】Guidelines(with Documents to submit) for Postdoctoral Research Program, 2018
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