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[General] Notification about Change of Status for Graduates D-2 Status Holders 최종 수정일 : 2018.01.05
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Ⅰ. Soon-to-be  Graduate Intl. Students

Students who are planning to write thesis or enroll additional semester for 2018 spring must extend their VISA at the immigration office and report their status to Office of International Student Services, SKKU. Please read carefully the information presented bellow and extend D-2 VISA.

[ Extention of Stay]
* Submission Documents to Immigration Office
  - Documents : Application Form, Passport, Alien Registration Card, Fee, Academic Credentials and Transcripts
  - Considering the reasons for extensions students might be asked to submit additional documents
  (Completion but not submitting thesis) Confirmation of Thesis Schedule from academic advising professor, Support Certificate (700,000 won * the number of expected months)
  (Lack of Credits) Letter of reason for attending additional semester confirmed by the academic advising professor or staff of affiliated administration office, Support Certificate (700,000 won * 6 months)

[Reporting sojourn status to  Office of International Student Services]
-Graduate-to-be students who are willing to stay in Korea must submit
   ‘2018 Spring Semester Graduating Student Sojourn Status Statement’
  to the Office of International Student Services.
- If students do not report, the student’s D-2 visa will expire.
- Students who plan to return home are not required to apply for extension.

-Submission Deadline : 2018. 2. 16.(Fri), 17:00 
-Submission Method : 
① Visit Office of International Student Services in Seoul/Suwon 
② Send e-mail to daunkim@skku.edu
  - When sending e-mail, attach copy of passport along with the statement form. 
  - All files must be scanned

Ⅱ. Graduates
After university reports the completion of study at the immigration office, current D-2 visa holders must know that the visa expiration date is up to 2018. 3. 24(Sat) for all graduates. Students who plan to stay in Korea are advised to check carefully the information presented bellow and change the sojourn status.

[ Change of Status to D-10 Job Seeking Visa]
* Eligible Individuals
International student who earned a bachelor's degree or higher at a Korean university (including a graduating student) or who has completed (will be completing soon) a research course of an academic research center.
* Submission Documents
Application Form, Passport, Alien Registration Card, Fee, Academic Credentials or Transcript Records, Job-Seeking Action Plan 

[ Change of Status to D-4-2 General Training Visa]
*Eligible Individuals
A person who is a soon-to-be university/college graduate and deemed necessary to get training in Korea because he/she is going to work for a foreign company invested by Korean or a foreign-invested company.

* Submission Documents
- an application form (Form No. 34), passport, Alien Registration Card, a color photograph, fee
- documents proving necessity of training (a proof of employment, a letter of training plan)
- documents proving that the company is a foreign investment company
- documents proving that the company is a foreign investment company or a domestic company investing abroad

* Training Places Allowed
- If you are going to work for a foreign company invested by Koreans, you can work at the parent company in Korea or a branch office abroad
- If you are going to work for a foreign company abroad, you can work at the Korean office or affiliates in Korea.

[ Change of Status to E-1~E-7 Working Visa]
* All the qualifications below must be satisfied.
① A person staying in the ROK legally with Job Seeking (D-10) or Study Abroad (D-2) visa  
② A job you wish to find must be in the field of Professorship (E-1)․Foreign Language Instructor (E-2)․Research (E-3)․Technology Transfer (E-4)․Professional Employment (E-5)․Arts & Performance (E-6)․Special Occupation (E-7) and you must be qualified.
➂ You must sign an employment contract with the head/president of the organization/institute.

※ A holder of Study Abroad (D-2) visa means a prospective graduate who is qualified to apply for Job Seeking (D-10) visa. (However, if you have already received a bachelor's or higher degree of university in your country or a third country, you may apply for D-10 visa regardless of whether you are a prospective graduate or not.)
※ Jobs in the field of Hotel․Adult Entertainment Establishment (E-6-2) are excluded, only those in the field of fine arts or sports are allowed.

[ Notification of Change in Registration Information]
*Reasons for the Report
① When you are hired as an intern and start training or change your training institute (including name change of institute)
② When you sign a contract (for more than 1 month ~ less than 6 months) to work as an intern/trainee and with a certain amount of wage.
※ If you are working temporarily for a test to be hired as an intern, you do not need to report it to the Immigration (Branch) Office.

*Individuals subject to Report
A registered foreigner with Job Seeking (D-10) visa who is receiving training at a company as an intern.

* Due Date
- within 14 days from the date of occurrence

* Required Documents
① a report form for change in registration information 
② a training (internship) contract 
③ documents proving the registration of institute/training center (i.e. a copy of business registration certificate)
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