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[General] 2017 World Hansik Festival 28, 29th Sep. 최종 수정일 : 2017.09.18
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2017 Wold Hansik (Korean Traditional Food) Festival on 28, 29th Sep.

Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and the Korean Food Foundation holds 2017 World Hanksik(Korean Food) Festival at  Sejongro Park on 28th, 29th, September.

Various food events and concert will be held, please participate and enjoy Korean traditional foods and culture.  

28th(Thu) 2pm~ 5pm : Reproduction of Traditional Wedding Ceremony
               7pm~8pm : Hansik Concert <Reservation required by email>
29th(Fri)   4pm~8pm : Hansik Concert <Reservation required by email>

To participate concerts and Food Experience, etc, email reservation is required.
1. Email Reservation :  jaysklim@gmail.com 
2. Applicaiton Period : until 21th Sep.
3. Writing information of Paticipants : 
Please write participant's information below
- Name/Nationality/Age/Gender/ Occupation/Contact No./email address/ desired date participating 28th or 29th Sep. or both.
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