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[General] [Additional Recruitment] Announcement for SKKU Department of Energy Science Summer Intensive courses by Foreign Scholars 최종 수정일 : 2017.06.15
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[Additional recruitment] Announcement for SKKU Department of Energy Science Summer intensive courses by Foreign Scholars.

SKKU Department of Energy Science opens the summer Intensive Courses lectured by Foreign Scholars as listed below. These courses are one of the main activities in BK21PLUS program which has the purpose of the education quality enhancement by the lectures of internationally distinguished foreign scholars. All lectures are the main courses of SKKU DOES graduate school and the students can receive the regular credit by taking the course during summer season followed by the proper registration for the course in the fall semester, 2017

◎ Additional Application Period: Mon, 12, June to Fri, 16, June 
◎ Professor Gilles Lerondel (Universite de Technologie de Troyes) 
 - Title of the class: Nanoscale Optics: Getting light confined down to the nanoscale 
◎ Professor JinSang Kim (Materials Sci & Eng., Chemical Eng., Chemistry, and Macromolecular Sci. and Biomedical Eng., University of Michigan) 
 - Title of the class: Advanced Functional Polymers: Molecular Design and Applications 

Please refer to the attachments for detailed syllabi for your apply. 


When you register for the summer intensive courses, you must check each code of your new course. 
If the new code is the same as the old one, you won't be able to take the class. 
Please be sure to check your old course code and register for the summer intensive course with a different course code. 

- Inquiries: Ms. SooJin Lee (031-299-4272, soojinlee@skku.edu) 
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