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[General] YoungTong Library Multicultural Humanities Program 최종 수정일 : 2016.11.25
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YoungTong Library Multicultural Humanities Program 
「Korean Culture with Foreigners」 : Global Culture Sharing Festival will be held. Please see below for details.

1. Date and Time : 2016.12.3. (Sat) 14:00
2. For everywon
3. Place : YoungTong Library Auditorium
4. Program : World culture story telling, Pansori(Korean traditional music performance, Guitar performance, Yodeling Chorus, B-boy performance, Maxican game experience

※These programs are held in Korean and English

*The Korean Way of Tea
1. Date : 2016.11.26.SAT 14:00
2. Audience : 80 People
3. Location : Yeongtong Public Library Auditorium
4. Speaker : Prof. David A. Mason (Sejong Univ.)
5. Online Application : yt.suwonlib.go.kr (From Nov.15 to Date of lecture)
※These lecture will be conducted in English.

*Global Culture Year End Festival 
1. Date : 2016.12.03.SAT 14:00
2. Audience : For everyone
3. Location : YeongTong Public Library Auditorium
4. Program : Pansori Concert, Guitar Concert, Global Culture Storytelling, Yodel, Bboy Performance, Pinata Experience, Tea Experience
5. Online Application : yt.suwonlib.go.kr
※This program will be conducted in English and Korean.

CONTACT: 031-228-4750~1

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