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[General] SWCIC Korean Culture Day event 최종 수정일 : 2016.08.05
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<participate in Suwon traditional etiquette education center program>

Hello, everyone! 

This is notification of  forth event organzied by SWCIC(Suwon Center for International Cooperation) this year 

Lots of you may have seen Korea historical drama once. Then you may be have attracted by colorful traditional attire. Now, you get a precious chance where not only you can actually try on those traditional attire but experience various programs such as etiquette education, tea ceremony and traditional play.

Built just a year ago, Suwon traditional etiquette education center was constructed to relive old spirit and mind of King jungjo who made suwon city plan in early days. learn and enjoy old beauty and smartness in brand new Suwon traditional etiquette education center which is decorated with old beauty.
For those participants, all tour fees are funded by SWCIC. Never miss free great chance to meet Korea's old antiqueness in home of filial piety, Suwon.  You need to be hurry since only limited seats are available!
We are looking forward to see you and be close with you. SWCIC is always open for you. Do not hesitate contacting with us. you can find additional information at http://suwonyejeol.or.kr/?p=main (unfortunately, they don't operate English homepage just ask us if you have question)

matters need attentions

1) Only those who live in Suwon or study in univeristy located in Suwon are qualified.
2) Though entry fee is free, be aware that we can not offer transportation and food
3) advanced application should be made, only limited seats are available 
4) please contact us if you are not able to participate in program after application for participation confirmed 
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