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[General] Volunteer Activity in Farming Villages 최종 수정일 : 2016.05.25
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Since 2006, SKKU has made agreements with local cities and carried out various rural area-related activities.  This year’s Volunteer Activity in Farming Villages will be held in association with SKKU’s Social Volunteer Center’s Nonghyup Chungju and Sangju Branches.  You will be able to refresh yourself by working in a beautiful natural environment.  Please take advantage of this great opportunity and join! 

Click here for Application 
*Google Account is needed
*You can browse the questionnaire and apply

1. Outline
A. Time and location
1) Chungcheongbuk-do Chungju-si: 2016.6.23 (Thu)~ 6.28(Tue), 5 nights 6 days
2) Gyeongsangbuk-do Sangju-si: 2016.6.24(Fri)~ 6.29(Wed), 5 nights 6 days
B. Work: Volunteer work requested by each village
C. Supervision: SKKU Social Volunteer Center, Nonghyup Chungju Branch and Nonghyup Sangju Branch

2. Application
A. Application period: 2016.5.26 (Thu) 9 AM ~ 6 PM, first-come, first-served (The period can be extended if needed)
B. Number of applicants: 000
C. How to apply: http://google/forms/31YQPWKzKjSRJCz22 (opens at 9 AM 5.26 Thu)
Individual application/ Google account is needed
1) Group application: When 10 or more people apply (Student council, Clubs, Small groups and etc./ Apply individually, but under the same group name)
2) Individual Application: When 1 person apply
3) Group application by 9 people or less: It is possible to apply, however, when assigning applicants to teams, members could be limited or may drop out.
D. Team assignment: About 15 students per one village

3. Preliminary Orientation for confirmed participants
A. Time and location
1) Humanities and Social Sciences Campus: 2016.6.4 (Sat) 10:00, Business School building B1 33B101 Lecture Theatre
2) Natural Sciences Campus: 2016.6.4. (Sat) 15:00, Samsung Library Auditorium
B. Content 
1) Departure date, location
2) Guide to Farming Villages Volunteer Work and things to remember
3) Information on supporting supplies and Confirmation on Volunteer Work
4) Team meeting and work assignment

4. Support from SKKU
A. Insung Pum Volunteer hours: 32 to 44 hrs are given, Submission of Confirmation of Volunteer work is necessary
1) If you participate whole 5 nights 6 days: 32~44 hrs are given
2) Afternoon/night work on the day you arrived: extra 4 hrs are given
3) Morning work on the last day: extra 4 hrs are given
4) Team leader: extra 4 hrs are given (Only if the leader participates in pre-education and completes their duties)
B. Support supplies
1) T-shirts, coated gloves, straw hat, pillow, rain coat, etc.
2) First aid kit
C. Round-trip transportation
※ No Entry Fee 

5. Participants should bring…
A. Personal supplies 
B. Food (Decide a menu list and prepare groceries at the team meeting)
C. Other supplies decided at the team meeting

6. Things to remember
A. Individual activity irrelevant to volunteer work during volunteer period is prohibited. (Breakaway from the lodging, etc.)
B. Submit Confirmation of Volunteer Work (attached in the guidebook) to get volunteer hours accepted by the university
※ Team leaders should collect the Confirmation of Volunteer Work signed and sealed by the Village Representative and submit to the Social Volunteer Center (Student Center at each campus) within one week. 
C. For safety, please read the guidebook (it will be handed out at the orientation) thoroughly. 
D. Participation will be limited if a participant is absent at the Preliminary Orientation on 6.4 (Sat) 
E. There will be disadvantages for those who do not show up to the event without notice, or submit duplicate/false application.
F. Volunteer work at Farming villages will be accepted as valid activity for Insung pum only if it is arranged by the university. 
G. Only students who can participate the entire scheduled period can apply (quitting or participating midway is not possible)

7. Inquiries 
A. Humanities and Social Sciences Campus: 02)760-1090, 1078
B. Natural Sciences Campus: 031)290-5034, 5031
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