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[General] Springer Nature Author Workshop : 29 April, 2016 최종 수정일 : 2016.05.03
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It is our pleasure to invite Sungkyunkwan University to participate in Springer Nature Author Workshop that we will be conducting in South Korea this April. 

Springer Nature hosts a range of content and services to improve your publication output and international recognition.

Springer Nature Author Workshop is a free 3-hour program to introduce how we can help researchers at Sungkyunkwan University increase their impact in the scientific community.

Date : April 29, 2016, PM 3:00~6:00

Place : Central Library 5th Floor, Classroom #70528

Registration:  https://lib.skku.edu/#/education/result/62

The program is as follows:

- Scientific Publications (15 min)
: Springer Nature hosts thousands of journals and books to ensure that researchers can be up-to-date with the latest developments in their field. Having access to this content helps scientists identify important research questions that will have more impact in their field. This section will introduce this content and how researchers can access it effectively.

- Custom Services (15 min)
: Springer Nature provides universities and researchers a range of custom services to assist them to reach their publication goals. These services, including language editing and a range of workshops, can help scientists increase their chances of publication in top international journals.

- Editorial Support (15 min)
: Springer Nature publishes a number of journals and books from South Korea, both of which can also improve the reputation of universities and researchers worldwide. This section will introduce the editorial support Springer Nature currently provides South Korea as well as how to submit successful journal and book proposals.

- Q&A (15 min) followed by break (15 min)

- Author Workshop (1 hr 45 min)
: This workshop will discuss how to write a manuscript that will be of interest to journal editors and has impact in the field. Topics include:

1. Effective academic writing (30 min)
 Improving readability
 Logical flow of ideas
 Avoiding common mistakes

2. Logical manuscript structure (45 min)
 Introducing why your study is important
 Describing your methodology
 Logically discussing your results
 Emphasizing the impact of your research for the field
 Effective titles that get attention
 Abstracts that give the best first impressions

3. Effective publication strategies (30 min)
 When to choose a journal
 Evaluate the relevance of your results
 Finding an appropriate journal
 Communicating the importance of your study with journal editors

- Q&A (15 min)

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