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[General] 2016 SKKU International Student Handbook 최종 수정일 : 2016.02.23
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The Office of International Student Services made 

“2016 SKKU International Student Handbook” 
-Guide to student Life and Academics 

in English and Chinese for international students. 
Please visit your department's administrative office to receive the guidebook. 

<Location of Administrative Office>

[Humanities and Social Sciences Campus]

-University College/College of Education
Hoam Hall 2nd floor

-College of Confucian Studies&Eastern Philosophy/College of Liberal Arts
Toegye Hall of Humanities 3rd floor

-College of Law(Law School)
Law School 1st floor

-College of Social Sciences/School of Art
Suseon Hall 5th floor

-College of Economics/School of Business
Business School 4th floor

-Academy of East Asian Studies
600th Anniversary Hall 4th floor

International Hall 2nd floor

-Graduate School of China
International Hall 3rd floor

-Graduate School of Information and Communication Engineering 
Dasan Hall of Economics 2nd floor

[Natural Sciences Campus]

-University College
General Studies 2nd floor

-College of Science/College of Biotechnology andBioengineering/College of Sport Science
Natural Science 1 / 2nd floor

-College of Information and Communication Engineering 
Engineering Building 1/ 2nd floor

-College of Engineering
Engineering Building 2/ 26 1st floor

-School of Pharmacy
School of Pharmacy 3rd floor

-School of Medicine
Medical School 1st floor

-Sungkyun Advanced Institute of Nanotechnology (SAINT)
Research Complex 2 /2nd floor

-Samsung Fusion Medical Science Center
Samsung Hospital Cancer Center Basement 2nd floor
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