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[General] MS O365 Service Launched 최종 수정일 : 2016.01.13
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Information and Communication Division provides ‘MS O365 Service’ to university members (staffs, students) that installs MS OFFICE SW to personal information devices via online.

1. Introduction to MS O365 Service 
The service allows university members (staffs, students) to install ‘MS OFFICE 2013’ to personal information devices via online without time and location limitation.

2. Overview of the service
a. item
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Skype for business in MS Office 2013 version

b. Provided to
1) Regular staffs, non-regular staffs, Teaching Assistants
2) Students (undergraduate, graduate)

c. Not provided to 
1) Not full time instructors, clinical instructors
2)Students on leave, expelled student, completed student, graduated student(undergraduate, graduate)
3) Exchange student from other universities, Sungkyun Language Institute’s short-term students

d. Launch date
2016.1.11. (Mon) 15:00~

e. Procedure
1) Log in to Unified Information Service through ASIS(staff), G L S(student) at Kingo Portal.
2) Click on Information Square → IT Service → Choose install O365 menu bar 
3) Refer to the description on screen and click on the [install Office 365 Service] located at the bottom. it changes into Log-in page.
4) New user should generate new account for MS Office 365 service by clicking registering banner at the top. After registration the user can log in and use the service.
5) User who is already registered is transferred to service site when clicking [log in]
※When logging in for the first time, different email address should be once registered to set up password.

f. Etc
1)For detailed installation guide, refer to ‘O365 install guide’ attached
2)When the user was using Unified Information Service before launching this service, he/she should log out and reconnect to activate the Menu.
3) Inquiries : 031- 290- 5211

Vice President of College of Information and Communication Engineering


● O365 Service Install Guide

MS Office 365 Service Install Guide

1. Log in to ASIS/GLS →IT Service→Office365 installation page

2. Check if you are registered and if not, register to Office 365(①) or if you are already registered, download Office 365(②) and run the program (when registered, set up only MS O365 account and password)

3. After registering as user as in step 2, log in to Office 365 Download site(that comes after clicking ‘Office 365 Download’) with registered O365 account and password

4. When logging in to Office 365 for the first time as in step 3, extra information should be operated once, to set up an account that is accessible in case of password loss.

5. When you click [set up now] as in step 4, it turns into the page below. you need to register extra email address in case of password loss. click on the ‘register now’ of a red box to go on.

6. When you click [register now] as in step 5, it turns into the page below. submit extra email address and get verification code from the email. Verify yourself and go to next step.

7. When you finish step 6, it turns into the page below, click [finish] and go on to O365 download installment site and run MS Office 365 download.

8. On MS O365 SW installment page, install SW on the device that you want.
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