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[General] Notice for insurance extension and additional joint 최종 수정일 : 2015.08.31
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(Humanities and Social Sciences Campus) Notice for insurance extension and additional joint 

From the 2015 fall semester enrolled foreign students will not be able to acquire school certificates unless they register and submit valid health insurance. 
To avoid inconveniences, please join insurance using the following period.

1. Subject
1) New Students
(1) students who don’t submit certificate of insurance after admission in time.
(2) Students whose insurance termination set to expire September

2) Enrolled Students
(1) Students who still don’t join any international student’s health insurance. 
(2) Students who want to rejoin (=extend) AIG/chartis insurance especially among enrolled members. 
2. Date & Location
1) Date: 2015 September 3rd (Thu) ~ 4th (Fri) 10:00~16:00
2) Location: International Hall - second floor (Lobby floor)
3. Insurance information
1) AIG insurance against loss – international student’s health insurance
2) Guaranteed item: hospital bills, price of medicine and fee for hospital charges.
Exact information can be informed at the very day and the very scene..
3) Insurance fee: about 150,000 per year. (It depends on gender and age)
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